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Highest Grade Natural Stone. Direct Ship to Builders, Contractors, and DIY's in Canada/USA. Any Size Order, Discount Pricing, Easy Check-out, Reliable Suppor Stocking and finishing all Resysta decking and siding products This thin stone cladding (facing) can be applied over wood siding. The bonding agent, installed by a qualified mason, supports the weight of the stone, which is less than 15 lbs per square foot. Our thin veneer stone is roughly 1 inch thick, and this allows your mason to safely recess the mortar joints an average of a quarter inch if the.

Stone Cladding in Half the Time (With the Thinnest Stone) Back in 2014 Hugo Vega, vice president of sales North America at Polycor, noticed that the architects he was calling on were lacking a thin stone veneer that was light enough and strong enough for cladding large scale architectural projects. After some R&D within the company, Polycor. thin stone systems, llc. systems for reinforced thin stone for cladding and paneling a subsidiary of stone truss, inc. 23-0 commerce road fairfield, nj 07004. home; profile history; affiliation; projects finished projects; related projects; construction photos; detail Thin Stone Veneer - Genuine Stone Build a home that stands the test of time with genuine thin stone veneer for both exterior and interior veneer siding projects. Autumn Gold Promontory Thin Stone Veneer . Strength that stands the test of time . Storm Mountain Promontory Thin Stone Veneer Our thin stone veneer is just what you're looking for with the best selection for natural interior and exterior applications, at the best prices Curved Stone Cladding. HyCOMB's Ultra-thin Curved Stone Honeycomb Panel s are a patented product and innovative cladding solution that share all the advantages of our regular stone honeycomb panels in addition to the below:. Minimum Curvature: radius of 500mm, brittle stone up to 1000mm Curvature: both inwards and outwards Mindful, eco-friendly cladding; significantly reduced waste during.

Stone Veneer Wall Panel Euroc Brown Rustic style manufactured stone wall decoration panels 5.38 sqft per box based on 1/2 inch mortar joint Dry stack application will decrease the coverage Panel size (WxHxD): 11x5x.6 Large variety of split texture patterns Interior and exterior applicable Thin cultured stone wall veneer panels Easy to install, easy to clean, and does not discolor Moist. Thin stone veneer is a natural or manufactured product with a nominal thickness of 1-1/4 (typically) and weighs no more than 15 lbs. /sq. ft. This weight is limited by multiple building code and standards. Examples of standards that define thin stone veneer are as follows: 1 Coronado Stone Products® offers a variety of manufactured stone veneer, thin brick, tile and precast products. Architectural stone veneer can be used to greatly enhance the look and feel of a project. Our products are hand crafted from natural stone in a process that makes the two hard to discern

Stone cladding from ThinStone Ireland is 100% real stone. It is light, easy to fit and far less costly than standard building stone. Sandstone or Limeston Thin veneer is ¾-2″ thick stone, typically used for application in the interior/exterior of houses, fireplaces and other wall applications where weight and installation time are a factor. Thin veneer, because of its light weight (generally less than 15 lbs per square foot) does not require a weight bearing foundation Thin stone veneer is sold by the square foot for all flat surfaces. When you are working with corners, thin veneer natural stone is sold by the linear foot. When measuring for the flat surface or linear foot coverage, be sure to include 5% extra in your measurements for breakage and miscalculation. The average thickness can vary from 1/2″ to. Stacked Stone Desert Sunrise 12 in. x 42 in. Faux Stone Siding Panel Our Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone veneer profile Our Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone veneer profile offers the natural appearance of authentic dry stacked stone, but without the weight and the difficulty of installing real stone. This product is panelized to provide a dramatic texture and aesthetically appealing design, which is.

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  1. Wall Cladding. Alamo Thin Stone Veneer is natural stone that is thin cut. Typically material from our thin stone collection does not come in full stone, therefore it is only 1 1/2″ thick. With thin veneer you get the beauty of stone, but you can put it almost anywhere. Alamo Stone > Wall Cladding
  2. Carderock® Thin Veneer is used in walls with setting beds of 4″ to 6″, such as house fronts, fireplaces, chimneys, or any job requiring stone facing. The stone is somewhat irregular in shape, many with reasonably square edges for corners. Square edges - 6″ to 12″ in height, and lengths up to 60″. Coverage of 30 to 35 square feet.
  3. Our natural thin stone veneer is genuine New England stone harvested from mountains, fields, woodlands, and quarries. Depending upon how it is cut, our thin stone offers a variety of unique looks and characteristics, ranging from rustic to refined
  4. How to Install Veneer Stone: This video shows you how to install stone veneer with QUIKRETE Veneer Stone Mortar. The addition of stone veneer can turn an or..

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  1. With all this in view, natural stone thin veneer is used as cladding for interior and exterior walls of commercial and residential structures. Variety of Materials Republic Stone Company is one of the leading businesses in this space and over the years, we have built a very strong reputation in the region
  2. Natural stone veneer sheets are made of natural slate. The total thickness of thin stone veneer sheets varies from 0.5 to 4 mm. Irregular surface of slate and sandstone and variety of colours make every sheet unique. Thin stone veneer is so light and flexible making it possible to use stone in places where use of typical stone cladding would not be possible or viable
  3. Real Stone Cladding. Thin Stone supplies 100% real stone. From the quarry, we cut down the big pieces of stone to a one inch thickness to make ThinStone. It is thus much lighter in weight than full size building stone, and so it can be fixed directly on to the wall structure. This simplifies the whole building process
  4. Position Product Name SKU Price Set Descending Direction. Thin Stone Cladding Cloud Natural Stone 40x10cm. Code: HP019-1040. 400x100x (8-12)mm. €49.99 /M2. Rating: 99%. 13 Reviews. FREE Cut Sample

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In addition to natural New England Thinstones we also offer options in thin bricks, pavers or Belgian blocks and provide services for veneer stone projects with customized specifications. Flagging, treads, and larger slabs are available to match most of our Thinstones line. Thinstone is 100% natural stone. Shade and color variations are to be. What our customers say. Just wish to say that Kieran and Connor in Donegal were excellent... very professional, helpful and their work is fantastic. Christine Rochett Donegal. Highly recommended! Workmanship has been excellent and the stonemasons tidied up after themselves. Fran Meath Thin Stone Veneer panels with anodized aluminum honeycomb for Curtain walls, Rainscreens, Facades, and Exterior Cladding applications with attached anchors 200 S. Biscayne Blvd. Ste 2790 Miami, FL 3313 Saratoga Masonry 435 Maple Ave. Route 9 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Phone: 518-587-6300 Fax: 518-587-678 Stone Veneer is a thin layer of stone used as decorative material which is not meant to be a load-bearing. This Stone Veneer can be made of either Natural Stone or Manufactured Stone. Quarried natural stones are cut to a consistent thickness so that it can be used as a wall cladding. This is called Natural Stone Veneer

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Natural thin stone veneer is cut directly from real stone quarried throughout the United States. It comes in various colors, shapes, styles and textures. Real stone is entirely natural; every stone project will be unique and distinctive. To create the thin stone veneer, full thickness building stones are cut with a diamond saw into pieces of. Designed for lightweight, non-structural installation, natural thin stone veneer can be used for everything from building facades to interior features. Because it consists entirely of quarried rock, the material maintains its color and integrity as it weathers, allowing projects to retain the beautiful, rugged look of natural rock Thin Imitation Veneer Stone is made from a concrete aggregate that is poured into a natural stone mold. During the manufacturing process, color is added to replicate the appearance of true natural stone. Imitation products weigh less than natural stone, come in a variety of shapes and sizes and does not usually need a footing to be installed

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Natural Stone Thin Veneer can be a good alternative to either full depth veneer or manufactured stone veneers. Full depth veneer requires dedicated engineered support, but thin veneer weights under 15 pounds per square ft and can be directly adhered to the wall of your building just like stucco Products. Vermont Thinstone was started in 2011 based out of the need for True Local Thin Stone veneer. All our stone in locally sourced and never imported. Our stone comes from all of Vermont, eastern New York and western New Hampshire. Our lines include fieldstone, granite schist, granite gneiss, sandstone and granite glacier stone Natural thin veneer stone is typically less than half the thickness of full veneer, sometimes as much as 75 percent less. According to the 1997 Uniform Building Code, the weight of the stone needs to be less than 15 lbs. per square foot. However, it's not a composite material—a true natural thin veneer is made from real stone, not concrete

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Natural stone thin veneer installation is the right choice. The thin pieces of quarried natural stone, available with 1 thickness are the popular building material for covering outdoor walls. Moreover, it is equally ideal for sidings, fireplaces, columns, cabinets, etc Slate-Lite stone veneer allows you to create a unique and individual wall design. Only 1,5mm thin, light-weight, flexible - this is Slate-Lit Natural Thin Stone Veneers from Natural Stone Veneer International come in wide variety of carefully selected, incremental sizes and shapes to peak the intrest the most dicerning client. From Ledgestone to Fieldstone they have some of the most beautiful and creative blends from across the globe to satisfy your taste

All Thin Veneer Flats. Thickness is on average 1 inch. Flat pieces are sold by the square foot, and we assume 1/2 inch mortar joint on all sides in calculating the amount of stone required (drystack assumes no mortar joint) We recommend 20% overage to allow for stone selection and waste Stone Cladding can also be used in new constructions as well. Stone cladding usually pertains to stone material that is about two (2) inches thick or less. Making Natural thin veneer stone The process of making natural stone thin veneer is time consuming. Thin veneer is made out of a builder's grade (3 to 5 thick) version of the material White Country Squire full stone veneer or thin stone siding / stone cladding brings arctic natural stone color tones to our Ashlar Line of Building Stone Veneers.Ashlar describes the finest masonry units of dressed and cut stones that are worked until squared. Capable of thin joints between stones, the linear appearance of an ashlar pattern stone installation results in the most traditional. Our Baltic Blue thin mosaic stone veneer consists of irregular pieces of natural stone for siding, facing and cladding. Learn more about our pricing and details. $ 11.00 per sqft. View Details. Baltic Blue Square & Rectangle Baltic blue is a granite schist with tight grains. It is blue/green in color with some oxidation What is Thin Stone Veneer? Thin Stone Veneer stone is most easily described as a natural stone, cut to a nominal thickness of 1-1 ½. Depending upon the root material, some thin veneer can have a greater thickness - see the specifications listed on each individual product page for more details

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First, natural thin stone veneer is a thin-cut, lightweight stone siding that is real rock. Faux stone veneer is a manufactured product designed to look like natural stone. Both are used for decorative purposes on the face of many different structures, as well as for luxurious interior design Stone cladding is prepared from thin trimmed coating of large stones. These polished coating is then attached with plywood and is applied to steel or concrete walls for cladding purposes. Stone cladding is done while using stones with an appealing look to make the exterior and interior walls look fancy Espinoza Stone, Inc., produces exceptional Natural Stone Thin Veneer for commercial, residential, and landscaping applications. Our Thin Veneer stone offering consists of over 60 varieties of stone including an expansive selection of natural Texas Ledgestone. All thin veneer stone products we deliver meet with our stringent quality standards Stone Veneer Rock Panel System. Norstone Rock Panels are a proven stacked stone & ledgestone panel system. Offering lighting-fast installation, our stone veneer is perfectly suited to interior & exterior design for both residential & commercial projects.Natural stone panels have never been easier to work with than they are with our Rock Panel system Concrete Tanks. Cultured Stone. Thin Stone Veneer. 2015 NSVI Product Catalog. Pangaea Natural stone brochure. Tier Natural stone brochure. Terracraft Natural stone brochure. Brick. Mulia Glass Block

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  1. Our Thin Architectural Stone products can be produced to be installed using an adhered method, tie & clip support panel systems or using the IBP Fast Track Stone pre-engineered system. Our thin products provide you with the flexibility to design the look of full bed depth masonry on any indoor and outdoor wall, and on the ceiling. The Fast.
  2. Natural Thin Stone Veneer. PSG Natural Thin Stone Veneer will add elegance and beauty to your home or business with endless design possibilities. Typical thin veneer applications include stone cladding, chimneys, fireplaces, pillars, indoor walls, outdoor walls, foundation coverings, and indoor/outdoor kitchens
  3. Manufactured from quarried Slate, Sandstone, Marble, stone veneers were introduced to the world for the first time by Pan Creations [India] in 2004, the parent company of 'Wafer Thin Stone'. It is a unique and revolutionary cladding product that suits all architectural and interior decor requirements
  4. Thin stone veneer projects offer home and business owners a great deal of flexibility when it comes to style, design and the nature of the work itself. Due to the fact that the stone is lightweight and thin, it can be placed anywhere. Think of thin veneer like wall paper, it is applied to the wall and does not require any structural support.
  5. g less quarried stone. PROCESS We control the process from beginning to end, sourcing the raw material from the country of origin to fabricating the finished lightweight stone veneer product ensuring the highest quality control
  6. Microthin Stone Veneer is combined with thin stone venner and fiberglass reforced backer. The Stone Veneer can be made of granite, marble, lime stone, sand stone etc. It is light translucent when the color, thickness and backer is matched. Also it can be bent as the feature of ultra thin stone
  7. In addition to natural New England Thinstones we also offer options in thin bricks, pavers or Belgian blocks and provide services for veneer stone projects with customized specifications. Flagging, treads, and larger slabs are available to match most of our Thinstones line. Thinstone is 100% natural stone. Shade and color variations are to be.
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Thin Stone Ireland - A short video about our 100% natural Stone Cladding.http://www.thinstoneireland.i Natural Thin Stone Veneer from Fieldstone Veneer Premium Natural Stone Veneer from Fieldstone Veneer Inc. is not only the finest veneer on market, but also has been selected from New England quarries/farms to provide dramatic texture and beauty to your project

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About Natural Thin Stone Veneer. Natural Thin Stone Veneer causes your home or business to project the look of strength, style, and timeless beauty. For contemporary homes and businesses, natural stone is the popular choice to convey the image of success, dependability, and prosperity for almost any building project China Stone Panel Thin Veneer manufacturers - Select 2021 high quality Stone Panel Thin Veneer products in best price from certified Chinese High Quality Panel, Wall Panel Material suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China.co Miscellaneous Stone Veneer. Tumbled, 3'-5' depth, 4'x6' to 8'-14' square and rectangular pieces. Available in full veneer and thin veneer (flats and corners). Tumbled 6'-18' heights and random length. Available in full veneer and thin veneer (flats and corners). White coloring, smooth texture, split face, natural bed Stone veneer is a thin layer of any stone used as decorative facing material that is not meant to be load bearing.Stone cladding is a Stone veneer, or simulated stone, applied to a building or other structure made of a material other than stone. Stone cladding is sometimes applied to concrete and steel buildings as part of their original architectural design


Natural Thin Veneer = 1-1/4 nominal inch (generally), 15 lbs./sq ft or less. In order to be considered a Natural Thin Veneer, the weight of the stone needs to be less than 15 lbs/sq foot as described in the 1997 Uniform Building Code. In order for this to be accomplished, the stone (pictured above) needs to be a nominal 1-1/4 inches thick The thin-cut stones can be mortared to either concrete or wood. Thin natural stone veneer is also a great choice for interior applications like backsplashes, fireplaces and feature walls. Natural Stone Full Bed Veneer. Natural stone full bed veneer is the real deal, with the stone profile being 3.5 thick or thicker Jul 16, 2021 - Explore christine sechler's board Stone/brick on Pinterest. See more ideas about stone, stone veneer, stone siding Manufactured Stone Veneer (or Adhered Concrete Masonry Veneer or Adhered Manufactured Stone Veneer, as it's technically known) is a thin, man-made siding made to look like natural stones or rocks. It's basically molded concrete that looks like real stone. Stone veneer is normally installed over the wood framing on a home

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Kensley™ Stone Thin Veneer. Kensley Stone is one of the newest thin veneers to be added to the Artisan Masonry Stone Veneers® family of products. Boasting a traditional ashlar pattern with a 3/8 mortar joint, Kensley Stone is designed to reflect the timeless aesthetics of natural limestone Thin-Stone Cladding From Florence Italy - 20m2 Deal - FREE SHIPPING. €1499.00. Quote Request. Code: 341159. more info Brick It™ provides the most convenient way to build your own thin brick wall. We offer the largest selection of thin brick colors, textures and sizes. The Brick-It™ panel systems make the installation of brick veneer easy, economical and durable. With less time and money you can increase the value and beauty of your house or building Stone Cladding. Our company was established in 2001 and has been manufacturing lightweight stone cladding panels made from marble and granite with projects all over the United States of America. Customers want to feel comfortable when investing in any type of project, knowing that the company they are going to work with will be able to. Thin Stone Veneer. Natural Stone Thin Veneer is a true natural stone that is cut thin, usually 3/4″ to 1 1/4″, and therefore lightweight compared to a regular veneer stone. This allows for less preparation time and easier installation resulting in cost savings for the end user

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  1. Natural Stone Thin Veneer is a good option for the following projects : Home renovations when full thickness stone may be too much added weight or depth. Like a kitchen backsplash or fireplace remodel. Existing buildings that don't have a proper footing for full thickness stone
  2. Eldorado Stone - Stone Veneer, Architectural Stone and Brick Products. Menu. Close. Previous. Authentic Products that Elevate. Quality & Design. Explore Inspiration Gallery. Where Endless Possibilities. Meet Unmatched Beauty
  3. Most interior stone veneer installations are not exposed to moisture so you do not need to take steps to prevent water penetration. For dry interior applications, thin stone can be adhered to the backup wall using mortar or special epoxy adhesives approved for thin stone applications. In these installations, the weather resistiv
  4. Stone Veneer COLLECTIONS. Natural stone is more than rock people build with, it's naturally elegant, pure, and a solid indication of your personality. Using Halquist natural stone presents an authentic image to others and cultivates a deeper form of integrity. Nature makes no excuses, puts on no disguises, hides absolutely nothing, and never.
  5. Stone Veneer. K2 Stone offers a wide variety of natural stone veneer products for both interior and exterior use. Our stone veneer is available in an array of colors, sizes and shapes, including Ledge Stone, Micro Ledge Stone, Urban Ledge Stone, Field Stone, Cottage, Random, River Rock, Ashlar, Stacked Stone and Cobbles
  6. Our natural thin stone veneer is 100% genuine stone, cut to approximately 1-1/4 thickness. It offers the unique character and beauty that only natural stone can provide, but is designed for lightweight, non-structural installations without the need for a support ledge or foundation adjustment

Rolling Rock Building Stone, Inc. 40 Rolling Rock Road Boyertown, PA 19512 Phone: (610) 987-6226 | Fax: (610) 987-977 Natural Thin Stone Veneer. Enjoy the grandeur of natural stone in unexpected places. With the emergence of natural thin stone veneer, this classic building material can now be designed for use on virtually any interior or exterior surface. To meet the specifications for adhered veneers, natural stone is cut to less than 2 thickness Mortarless stone veneer is a cost effective, easy-to-install investment to improve the resale value of your home, offering up to a 95.6% return on investment. Easy-To-Install Our mortarless stone veneer panels can be installed without a mason because they're mechanically fastened for easy, DIY installation

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  1. Thin Stone Veneer: Diamond Metal Lath (Self-Furred) Self-Furred Diamond Metal Lath provides a ¼ indentation in the metal lath to hold away from the sheathing base and reinforcement (plaster embedment) for all types of walls and fireproofing of steel beam and columns
  2. WHAT WE MAKE Our lightweight stone veneer panels are changing the way architects design. TerraCORE's lightweight cladding systems provide an innovative alternative product to traditional exterior façade products, including natural stone, porcelain, glass, brick and GFRC. Find the product that is right for you
  3. Natural Thin Stone Veneer has all the wonderful qualities of real stone—except the weight, which is better for shipping and on the job site. is as easy to install as tile or manmade products. is quicker to install in many applications. can be used for interiors or exteriors. expands application possibility with no concerns about the weather

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Thin Stone Veneer Our Natural Thin Stone Veneer starts with the same high quality, full thickness, all-natural building stone, which we use to produce real natural thin veneer stone at a real value. MOR Our Products. Whether you're looking to update your fireplace or add a contemporary flair to your clients latest project, Realstone offers a variety of high-quality natural stone products and unique cladding offerings including wall and flooring panels, tiles and accessories. Most Popular. New Arrivals. Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles

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Over the past decade, natural stone thin veneer has become one of the fastest growing segments of the masonry industry. It is a lightweight, cost effective alternative to full stone facades that offers architects and do-it-yourself homeowners a greater variety of decorative masonry for interiors and exteriors at a lower cost Richter Stone-Veneer, a newly available innovation in stone cladding, is set to change the cladding game completely. Now skilled contractors, as well as DIY enthusiasts, can create beautiful, even, stone-clad finishes composed of real stone with a fraction of the weight of traditional cladding, while requiring minimal skill and effort to apply

Natural Stone Brings Rustic Beauty To Your Home. Mutual Materials features a wide range of natural stone thin veneer selections along with additional product offerings from our partner quarries. We have two primary stone yards along with a few designated distribution yards which supply all of our branches Jan 25, 2020 - Explore Terrie Watz-Walker's board Thin stone veneer on Pinterest. See more ideas about stone veneer, stone veneer panels, veneer panels Click and review Reading Rock's offering of stone and brick veneer for the Greater Cincinnati area. Reading Rock offers several thin veneer products Skip to main conten Thin veneer lacks the weight-bearing concrete content of a full veneer. It is a wonderful option for: Available in flats and corners, the results are amazing and as realistic as full-thickness stones. They're cheaper to transport and build with. Call us today at 303-429-3357 for additional information

Thin Stone Veneer - Total Average Cost per square foot: $12.95: $15.35: $18.50: Thin Stone Veneer - Pricing and Installation Cost Checklist. Expect the Thin Stone Veneer prices to fluctuate between various companies - each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head thin stone veneer-faced precast concrete are identified, and the performance of the material over time is discussed. This cladding material seems to appear on the US market generally in the 1960s and 1970s. Three fundamental questions were asked: 1) What were the designs and how did they evolve over time; 2). Thin Stone Veneer Explore our Thin Stone Thin Stone Veneer is easier to handle, more efficient to install, and more economical than traditional full bed building stone. Exquisite Stone Shipped Nationwide. We are committed to our vision to produce the highest-quality stones and finished looks in the industry, while delivering directly to our.

Thin Stone Veneer. Thin pieces of building stone that doesn't need the ledger, footings or wall ties required by conventional full veneer products. Thin Stone Split Face. Rectangular stone pieces' random lengths with a 2″ - 8″ rise. Thin Stone Jumper Thin Stone Veneer is one kind of our natural stone facing that cut to only 25mm-35mm (1- 1.25) thick with an average weight of 65kg/m2 (13.5 lbs/ft2), it with natural rough surface, split or snapped edges and sawn on back. Our stone veneer is 100% real natural stone, which we quarried and sourced raw stones in China, it is available in granite, quartzite, limestone, slate, sandstone and more

Stone veneer siding is just one of the uses for our Ashlar Vineyard Granite Thin Stone Veneer. This veneer is also great for fireplaces, fire pits, chimneys and walls, both interior and exterior Century Stone, Ireland, Stone facing and Stone Cladding distributors Ireland, We work with architects, interior designers, engineers, main contractors, builders and the general public., Stone Cladding and Stone Facing suppliers with huge a range of manufactured stone products and natural stone for stone interiors and exteriors A beautiful home showing Connecticut Weathered Fieldstone™ thin veneer. BYRAM BLACK. Charcoal and black colors combine in this textured, coarse grained granite. Cut and pattern play an important factor in making this building stone suitable for both rustic and contemporary applications

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About Thinstone. ThinStone is 100% real stone. From the quarry, we cut down the big pieces of stone to a one inch thickness to make ThinStone. It is thus much lighter in weight than full size building stone, and so it can be fixed directly on to the wall structure. This simplifies the whole building process Natural Stone Solutions™ is eco-friendly genuine stone. Beautiful, Elegant, Timeless & Unique - These are just some of the attributes of the world's premiere building material... Natural Stone. About NSS Products We have taken the world's premiere building material, precisel

Natural Quarried Building Stone. Full Depth (3-5+) and Thin Veneer (¾ to 1½ +) 2018 Marks the 40th Anniversary for Krukowski Stone Company Inc! We quarry and manufacture a huge selection of colors, textures, and styles of full depth veneer and thin veneer products from our various quarries located throughout north-central Wisconsin THIN VENEER STONE - Can-tario Brick & Stone. THIN VENEER STONE Admin-can 2020-09-15T20:30:01-04:00

Stone Veneer Photo Gallery. Real Vermont Stone Veneer. 802-522-2453. View Our Product Catalog. View Our Price List. • • •. Gallery. Home Chilton Rustic Ledge stone veneer brings warm earth and fiery stone color tones to our Ledgestone Veneer Line of Building Stone Veneers.The low heights and thin layers of stone reminiscent of a historic technique employed by masons for easier coursing is revived using heights from 3/4 to 2-1/4 and lengths from 4 to 16 for both full and thin veneer stone The StoneLite® Brand. StoneLite® is a natural stone composite panel comprised of a thin stone veneer and an aluminum honeycomb backing bonded between impervious, high-strength, fiber-reinforced skin. Our StoneLite® panels may be produced from almost any natural stone; including limestone, granite, sandstone, and slate. Our natural stone panels are the perfect choice for exterior, interior. Thin Brick Veneer. polymer stone siding. Canyon Stone Canada specializes in all types of lightweight manufactured stone veneers, faux stone sidings and natural stone veneer panels designed for use in both interior and exterior rock wall applications. Choosing a rock style to suit a variety of presentations can be a daunting task

Arkansas Blend Fieldstone | Legends Stone | Natural StoneFrench Country Blend | Legends Stone | Natural StoneBuff – Reclaimed Chicago Brick | Legends Stone | Natural