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Hi everyone, Today my betta fish died after 5 months due to dropsy.It was in a 3 gallon tank. The reasons I think he died was due to being overcrowded by the sword plant that grew like crazy as well as the big tank, and maybe overfeeding and/or parasites.I never saw the pinecone scales until today and by then it was obviously too late Clean/disinfect A 5 Gallon Tank After A Betta Died Of Dropsy? Mar 2, 2018. Found betta flake for that guy and no more floating) I have recommended them to more people than I can remember for dropsy in their fish and it does help a lot. 3/4 teaspoon of epsom salt dissolved in 4 cups of tank water that has been put in a container Betta died of dropsy, does the tank need cleaning? Help. On Friday I left home to visit my boyfriend. My little guy was completely fine, and I was happy to see his tail healing up. I left him some frozen brine shrimp before I left (some, not the whole cube). I came home Sunday to find him so bloated he looked like a balloon, with raised scales Dropsy in bettas is not a disease but is actually a group of symptoms often caused by a bacterial infection. This bacteria is often present in all fish tanks, but the fish who are already weak or unhealthy are more susceptible. Vulnerable fish fall victim to dropsy when their immune system is compromised, often by stress

Goldfish require cooler water, but bettas are tropical fish. As such, they require water temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees. Cool water again means stress, illness, and premature death for your betta. Even if it's warm where you live if the temperature drops at night it will cause the tank water to rapidly cool In bettas, dropsy is considered a rare condition as it is usually a symptom of extremely poor conditions that cause a buildup of 'gram-negative' bacteria which results in dropsy What Causes Dropsy In Betta Fish Aeromonas bacteria is the most common cause of dropsy. It is found in most fish including healthy ones but it's only when a bettas immune system becomes weakened or compromised that it can result in dropsy. The most likely cause of this happening is stress i'm 100% positive.. my last betta died of dropsy :/ Kanaplex by Seachem is the only thing i can personally suggest to treat dropsy.. Lifeguard won't do anything for treating it i'm afraid

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Dropsy. This disease needs to be discussed in depth. This is a bacterial infection. Dropsy is very difficult to treat and at times this will lead to the death of your treasured betta fish. This is one of the most disfiguring. It will show a very swollen belly which is out of the ordinary and the scales will be protruding excessively Betta fish that have Dropsy will have a hard time pooping because its anus gets red and swollen. Aside from sunken eyes, other symptoms also include pale gills, ulcers forming up along the lateral line, and a curved spine. It can also lead to loss of appetite that can turn to starvation in the long run. If it gets severe, Dropsy can make your. If caught early, dropsy can be cured by aquarium salt baths and medicines. However, since it is hard to see what kind of medicine to use (the wrong one can make it worse), this is hard. Vets can help. If the betta is severely affected, euthanizing it is an option Dropsy is a bacterial infection that occurs not only on bettas but also in other types of freshwater fishes. We often consider dropsy as a secondary ailment, since it only occurs when there is already an underlying disease. Take ourselves as an example, when we get an infected wound, the aftermath of such is swelling around the wounded area my betta had tail rot lived 3 more years full life span is 4.5 years i use bath salt. harsha on March 24, 2019: my betta fish was not moving it is floating on the top of water please tell me the solution for it. Mieko on March 24, 2019: This is an amazing website thank you so much now my betta fish is healthy

Top 5 reasons Betta fish die There are various reasons your Betta fish die and the most common among them are stress, inappropriate tank size, lack of aquarium preparation, poor water conditions, and overfeeding. I know it is very rewarding to take care of Betta fish. It's very amusing! At. This beautiful half moon betta almost died. The video shows how to treat a sick betta and what have been done which lead to the recovery of the betta. This.. What Is Dropsy (Edema)? For a formal dropsy definition, we look to the Medical Dictionary web site, where its medical explanation is: an abnormal accumulation of serous fluid in a body cavity or in the cellular tissues. Most people with this condition refer to edema of the affected region. Years ago, a patient was referred to as having. In most cases, dropsy is the result of a bacterial infection caused by bacteria Aeromonas.Aeromonas is a bacteria that is commonly found in most fish tanks but it is only like to infect fish that are stressed due to overcrowding or poor water quality.Dropsy can also affect fish that have poor kidney function, a condition which may result in the absorption of water into the body cavity which. Dropsy is a common condition in betta fish. Although you can take some simple steps to try to prevent your betta from getting dropsy, such as keeping the aquarium and water clean to avoid bacterial build-up, dropsy is not always preventable - and, unfortunately, the condition is not always curable

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Dropsy. Dropsy is another cause of bloat in betta fish. Unfortunately, dropsy is very difficult to treat, and there is a good chance that your fish will die or that you will need to euthanize him humanely. Symptoms. In addition to a bloated appearance, fish with dropsy develop pinecone scales. That's where the scales stand up, giving. 30+ Betta Fish Died Turned White Pics. Is your betta fish bloated? The best way to treat it is a combination of furan 2 and kanaplex or with maracyn. Then keep reading to find out all the common causes, as well as how to treat and prevent them! It happens mysteriously sometimes and it's ok The main fatal diseases in bettas are: Dropsy, Columnaris, and Fish Tuberculosis. Dropsy. Dropsy isn't a disease, but rather a symptom of other underlying problems, and there is no single underlying problem for every case. A fish with dropsy will be obviously round and swollen, particularly around the abdomen, the swelling causes the scales. Dropsy in any fish, but especially the Betta, is a fairly uncommon disease. It is actually a symptom of a bacterial infection causing bloating and bloody eyes.The fish's scales will turn perpendicular from the body, like the cones of a pine

Of all the diseases a betta can suffer from, betta dropsy is one of the most disfiguring, and can cause significant distress on the part of the owner. A betta afflicted by dropsy can appear to be ill with tuberculosis-it can either seem to waste away, struggle with diminishing appetite, lose color, swim listlessly-or can even endure the opposite; namely, a belly swollen to such proportions. As a result my bettas are much healthier than at other certain stores. If I do get a case of fin rot or clamped fins they come home with me to rehab. Which most of the time means I have a new betta. Today was rough tho. Lost Golf due to a toxic tank and had to put my my dragonscale crowntail Books down due to dropsy The approximate life span of betta fish is from two to seven years. But sometimes, it dies before its actual age. Therefore, it is essential to know the symptoms that help determine the same. Betta fish is one of the most popular fishes in the world. Many people prefer betta fishes due to many reasons. They look lovely and unique Best parameters for these guys are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, ~20 nitrates, and 7.5pH or so. Stable pH is more important than trying to fix it. They enjoy their water temperature to be around 80-82F. Fish naturally have 'stringy' fecal, if it is white then I would be concerned. Also, if the habitat is small it is best to do more frequent water. A betta fish died due to dropsy (Image: myaquariumclub.com) If the cause of your betta fish bloated belly isn't constipation or swim bladder disease, the cause is likely dropsy. Unfortunately, if it is true that your betta fish has dropsy, it is unlikely that it will survive. Therefore, euthanasia is an option that you need to consider

Your fish has a severely bloated stomach. Though it's not the worst case I've ever seen, it's bad enough. I cannot tell if any scales are raised away from the fish's body, so I can't tell if it also has dropsy, which is a different issue altogethe.. My Female Betta died of dropsy a while back... No other Bettas got sick in that tank although I quarantined fairly quickly. My male Betta (mentioned above) who didn't make it also had tank mates which were not affected Dropsy is very easy to diagnose in a betta fish. Your betta fish will have raised scales that look like tiny ridges along his body. This is easiest to see from the top of the fish. Your betta will also be very swollen in it's stomach region. This is due to fluids building up under the skin. Essentially, your betta fish will look like a pine cone Bloating From Dropsy. Now, overfeeding your Betta fish, while it can have serious consequences in addition to having an overweight betta fish if you realize what you are doing early enough, is fairly easily fixed and avoided. However, there are more serious causes of why your Betta fish has a big belly Unfortunately, this could also be a sign of DROPSY which is an incurable disease that will ultimately take your fish's life. This is what we assume happened to our beloved Flub. ABDOMINAL SWELLING. This is usually a sign of constipation, which can be a death sentence for Bettas. My Betta just died a few minutes ago. I came to this site to.

Betta with Dropsy Sascha sent me this photo on 6/9/05. The male betta had a kinked spine and scales sticking out. He most likely had dropsy. The poor guy died about a week later. Another Betta with Dropsy Melissa sent these photos of her sick betta with dropsy on 7/24/07. His name was Guido and he died shortly after the photos were taken. Betta. The salt-water aquariums have slightly different needs. If a fish died inside the tank due to infection, you must remove the corpse immediately and examine the body. You must follow the cleaning procedures as mentioned above with the help of a scrubbing pad, and replacing water 50 to 75% until the water passes the quality tests

What causes dropsy: Generally brought on by poor living conditions and/or malnutrition. Symptoms of dropsy: Raised scales, bloated belly, pinecone-like appearance. Treatment of dropsy: Metronidazole, Tetracycline, or edible Anti-fungal pellets. 6. External Parasites. Description: Parasitic creatures living on the outside of the betta (such as. I had a betta that died not too long ago. I still don't know why he passed away, but, in the interest of betta- keepers, here's how he behaved in his last days: His fins had shrunk. His colour'd faded. He'd gone from brilliant greenish- bluish awe.. July Update: I was devastated when both parents of this spawn appear to have dried from dropsy, a VERY rare occurrence in my fishroom.I haven't had a case of dropsy since I switched away from blackworms to white worms. They both died several months apart from each other, and a while after the spawn, so I do not think they are related My betta fish is in the advanced stages of dropsy. most websites say that it means she is beyond being able to treat. Is - Answered by a verified Pet Specialist. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website

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  1. utes to prevent bloating. Your Betta should be able to consume all the food in his tank within two
  2. al cavity becomes swollen because an organ or organs inside of it becomes swollen. Common causes include
  3. Dropsy is the common term for the accumulation of fluid in the tissues or body cavities, which often occurs in aquarium fishes. It is characterized by a puffy abdomen, which can be a sign of various underlying health conditions like a liver dysfunction, as well as some parasitic or bacterial infections [1]. The fluids retained by the body of a.

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  1. Both fish died. I spoke to Faith at Betta Talk and she said that the current belief is that dropsy is the result of kidney malfunction caused by a bacterial infection. Treatment is difficult because there are many different bacteria that can cause the problem and the treatment for each varies
  2. Dropsy This is the most fatal of betta fish diseases, often leading to kidney failure. This is said to be caused by the feeding of live foods, such as black worms. An abnormally big floated belly and raised scales are the signs of a betta with dropsy. Although not contagious, the disease cannot be successfully treated..
  3. Melissa sent these photos of her sick betta with dropsy on 7/24/07. His name was Guido and he died shortly after the photos were taken. Betta Betta Betta Betta. Paul sent this photo of his male betta UMB on 10/21/07. He is a multicolored crowntail.: UMB. Paul sent another photo of UMB on 12/14/07. UMB died of dropsy in the fall of 2008. UM
  4. Dropsy is an old medical term for a condition that today would be more likely called edema or ascites—the swelling of soft tissues in a body cavity, such as the abdomen, due to an accumulation of water and other fluids.The English term derives from the Middle English word dropesie, from the Old French word hydropse, and from the Greek word hydrops, which is itself a derivation of hydro.
  5. g against different objects present in the aquarium. For example, dropsy is a fatal disease of beet fish. If your.

The main sign of a betta fungal infection is white blotchy patches on the body and head of the betta. Your betta may start rubbing itself against objects in the aquarium. General reactions to illness will also occur, such as a loss of colour, loss of appetite, lethargy or clamped fins Betta, Ghost Shrimp, and Corys pt2 Thank-you for your prompt response. Sadly, my Betta died. He showed no signs of sickness at all. I came home from work (same day I sent my previous question) and noticed he was at the top of the tank, practically lifeless and alarmingly pale Dropsy: An old term for the swelling of soft tissues due to the accumulation of excess water. In years gone by, a person might have been said to have dropsy. Today one would be more descriptive and specify the cause. Thus, the person might have edema due to congestive heart failure.. Edema is often more prominent in the lower legs and feet toward the end of the day as a result of pooling of.

about a month ago, i switched my betta to flake food because i forgot to bring back his pellets from college. since then, he's had swim bladder issues for exactly a month now. the tank params are fine, and he switches between a 2.5 gal and a 5.5 gal between college/home breaks, both tanks are.. Although betta fish are probably one of the easiest fish breeds to take care of, they are still quite sensitive to common betta fish diseases.. Betta fish can have a long life span, if they are not properly fed and cared for a betta fish will become ill and quite possibly die.. Having a sick Betta fish can be nerve-wracking, particularly if you are a new owner and have never dealt with this. Dropsy is also often accompanied by external bacterial infections including fin rot, mouth rot and ulcers. In some cases I've seen almost any and all symptoms. It's really a sad sight to see. This poor little fellow died from dropsy this morning. You can see how his breast area is swollen and his scales are sticking out What to do after betta fish died 6 Ways to Save a Dying Betta Fish - wikiHo It does not make sense to use distilled water because of the required addition and measurement of nutrients and pH Betta Fish Dropsy Outlook: Usually fatal. Dropsy in betta fish is not a disease itself, but rather a secondary symptom of another problem going on.

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Soon he died of dropsy. Stripped down the 10g, and rescued my moms betta. He had ich, so I treated with copper, which quickly got rid of the ich but his health was deteriorating as well. Did water changes and started adding salt slowly. He's now at the point where it is clearly dropsy, scales are all stuck out, and he is not moving at all Dropsy, in most cases this is a symptom of a typical bacterial type of infection that could make our lovely Betta Fish die. So, if your Betta Fish gets dropsy you should treat it as a serious condition with PROPER TREATMENT OF DROPSY IN BETTA FISH.Treatment is required immediately otherwise your Betta pet could die Edgar Degas died of dropsy and I'm on my third fish in as many months. They love to yell at other people and feel very strongly that keeping a betta in a 2 gallon tank is cruel so any question that's asked is answered with you need a 5 gallon tank, minimum. Perhaps this is true, but I feel like my 2 gallon filtered, heated tank is.

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I also agree with jsoong about the organisms that caused the dropsy - they most likely caused illness in an already old or sick fish. I got a new betta a few years ago and began to acclimate him with some water from my 5-gallon betta tank. Within a week, the betta in the 5 gallon died (no visible symptoms but he was over a year old) But if a fish died from Dropsy there is a high risk it died from a disease which may be contagious and could threaten other fish in the tank. Dropsy is defined by the fish having raised scales known as pine-coning due to its resemblance to an open pine cone Dropsy is an indication of deeper issues causing a failure of the fluid regulation on the body. Can be from infections, injury or other stresses. Epsom salt allegedly helps draw fluid from the body but the original cause is often severe enough to kill the fish regardless One of the reasons for bloating in a betta is the spawning period. The sides and belly of females are rounded. Bloating especially often precedes dropsy, when the internal fluid fills the whole body. Another common reason is the settlement of tapeworms in the body, due to which the abdomen of the betta swells. For treatment, special agents are. That being said, I took a betta home one time and it died of dropsy within 2 days. Recently, I bought a new betta that I planned on putting in a community tank, and I put it in a quarantine tub for 6 weeks and treated it with the med trio

6. Dropsy. Dropsy is not a specific illness, but rather a term used when your fish's stomach swells, causing it's scales to protrude sideways. Signs: Swollen, bloated stomach, scales sticking outward rather than flat against the body. Treatment: Dropsy is a sign that your betta can no longer regulate his or her fluids The best water temperature for betta fish is between 76° and 80° F (24.5° and 26.5° C). Temperature in the upper 70° Fahrenheit range is best for them. Your Betta Is Sick. Betta fish not moving could be due to an illness. There are a few diseases that are common to the Betta fish. These are fin rot, dropsy, and tumors My last four bettas have died within two weeks of being put in their separated 10 gallon tank. Most recently, the betta was keeping his head almost entirely out of the water! All water testing (Ph, nitrate, nitrite and ammonia) came out perfectly but 20% water changes were performed anyway each week RE: Tropical fish tank 1 of my rainbow fish is showing signs of a spine deformity 1 of my mollys has contracted dropsy my Betta has died in the last 2 weeks of dropsy 1 of my sunset platys has red mar read mor

If your favorite betta fish isn't swimming the way he should, there is a chance he is suffering from swim bladder disease. Swim bladder disease is a common problem in bettas but is easily treated. The swim bladder is a gas-filled sac inside your fish. It helps the fish rise and lower in the water much like a buoyancy control device a diver might use Dropsy is practically untreatable and almost always fatal. Symptoms: There are two tell-tale signs of dropsy: raised scales (meaning they move away from the body) and a bloated belly. Every once in a while I hear a case of raised scales that seems to resemble dropsy but the fish is fine afterwards, leading me to think that he didn't actually.

Dropsy in Betta fish Dropsy is an infection of the internal organs which can be caused by various factors including viruses, bacteria or intestinal parasites. It is most commonly caused by the presence of the Aeromonas punctata bacteria in the aquarium. It attacks weaker or more delicate fish, and it can be fatal Dropsy, also referred to as edema is a condition which is characterized by swelling of the body tissue due to accumulation of fluids. While this condition may frequently be observed in the lower extremities namely the ankles, feet and legs, it any affect any other organ Betta Fish Illnesses - Dropsy Dropsy is easily spotted by the bloated belly and raised scales on your Betta. The scales will look like an open pine cone if looking from above. Betta Fish Illnesses - Popeye Popeye is easy to spot - if your Betta has a cloudy, protruding eye or a large bubble covering his eye area then he has popeye Betta's and Dropsy March 5, 2010 . I am literally in tears as I write this. My beautiful and intelligent betta, jazzy died 5 minutes ago after having dropsy for 6 months. There are several ways that fish contract dropsy. In Jazzy's case, his came from a bacterial infection. Jazzy has always lived in a community tank. 9 months ago I moved.

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Dropsy. Dropsy is not a specific disease, but rather a symptom of a deteriorated health condition. With dropsy, the fish will have visible swelling and projected scales. This is the result of a fish not being able to regulate the amount of fluid in a part of its body. The affected area is typically the abdomen; specifically, it is most often. 1. Fish died in shock because there is a sudden large change in water temperature, PH, hardness, etc. when the fish owner put them in the fish tank. Since fishes have no body heat, they are sensitive to sudden changes in water temperature. Water PH and water hardness can also affect them if there is a sudden large swing 5. Bloat or Dropsy. Bloat is a serious condition in oscar fish and can be caused by a variety of underlying problems. It is more of a symptom of disease than a single disease by itself. One simple cause for bloat that is particularly common in Oscars is overfeeding and constipation

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Though I did just get Peaches from a pet store. Three bettas out of the 10 I have are from pet-stores. They don't live long enough. 30-40 years would be ideal. I feel sorry for your loss, taking on the care of any animal shouldn't be an unemotional act, especially a pet as you become responsible for their daily care Long story short, a lot of these bloating issues occur from people feeding these fish too often. Their stomach is tiny and don't eat as often as we think. It takes a betta 2 weeks to starve to death. That's a long time. Also what is occurring is competition over food because you have multiple females together So, I have a 29 gallon freshwater tank, that has 3 guppies, 2 baby mollies, 1 black skirt tetra, 1 glowlight tetra, 2 serpae tetras, 1 female betta, 2 khuli loaches, 1 hillstream loach, 3 snails. I also have 2 bettas and a nursery tank full of baby guppies. I am worried about all of them. One of. My betta fish died 6 months ago I wish I had done this earlier my own betta had gotten dropsy, I tested the water and everything is normal. this means it's genetic. I'm beginning treatment when the medications arrive but, to be honest, I really don't have much hope for her. I'm just going to do what I can

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I have had my male betta for about 4 years. I have him in a 1.5 gallon tank with an air stone. He is fed two times a day, with four pellets at each feeding. there have been many times that his tank has gone more than a month without a cleaning, and up until recently, the tank has been completely emptied and refilled, during cleaning After 6 weeks introduce dry fish food but be careful to remove any food that the fry have rejected. Keep the tank clean by doing 5% daily water changes with aged water. After 2 months the fry should be 1.25 inches long. After 5 months they will be of saleable size. Kuhli loaches are always in good demand I have been treating my Betta with ESHa 2000 and Epsom Salts in a little tank on her own because of the suspected dropsy. She is still as bloated but swimming about as best she can. Tonight I noticed another female Betta was really bloated, was swimming upside down and died Betta tore his fins on a plastic plant and developed some mild fin rot. Removed the plant and started him on a course of Bettafix. I did a 25% water change daily for a week, dosing the new water with the appropriate amount of Bettafix. At the end of the 7 days, his fins looked SO much better

Lovely lightbodied, intense yellow, but died early due to unknown causes :/. Whale! HUGE female that won 1st in the traditional PK females at convention! Slightly smaller darkbodied sister with straight outer rays and reduced branching in the caudal. Reduced black scaling and iridescence. Mother of F2 Spawn 040613 Separate the fish right after spotting the signs of dropsy and place the fish in a quarantine tank. Get expert's guidance immediately as dropsy is generally spotted at a late stage when it becomes much difficult to save the fish. 3. Swim Bladder. Swim Bladder is referred to as fish maw, air bladder, oxygen bladder or gas bladder in fish Betta Bio-Gold This floating pellet has been uniquely balanced to meet the nutritional needs of your pet. The inclusion of premium-select fish meal which provides a superior protein source, Astaxanthin which helps enhance coloration, Grape Seed Extract (polyphenol) which has been shown to reduce the impacts of aging and Spirulina which naturally offers a high concentration of usable vitamins.

I've had my female betta, Dudette, for about a year (I had a male but he died suddenly like a month after I got him) and she's acting odd.. She stays around the bottom of the bowl (1.5 gal tank) and hasn't eaten for a few days. She's not necessarily bloated and she isn't pine-conning Once added to your betta aquarium, if it shows signs of decay, rot or appears to stop growing, remove it and add it back into the original aquarium/container to see if it grows anymore. This is in case it's died - you don't want it to rot in your betta aquarium if it has

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Thinking about putting a few fancy guppies into my community tank. My betta already gets along with a cory cat, 3 platies, 4 zebra danios and 4 neon tetras so he's pretty relaxed. (Might give one of the danios back to the pet store.) I'm just worried that the big fancy tail might look too much.. I have had these guys for three weeks now and his brother marik died of no unknown cause, then my others started dieing and still to be unknown, there doing alot better in their new ten gald and I have a hunch that the betta that was in the aquarium before them in the 3 gal was in fact a betta.. Remove your betta fish from his home tank and put him gently into the Epsom salt bathtub. You'll need to keep your betta in the bathtub for five to eight minutes only. If you notice that the betta's gills stop moving or he begins to lose his balance and tip onto one side, remove the fish from the tub and put him into the revival tank Dropsy is when a Bettas kidney fails. Fluid builds up, and causes the scales to be raised like a pine-cone. Dropsy isn't contagious, but the bacteria that caused it is. Any Betta with Dropsy should be isolated from all other livestock. Sadly, they will die within the maximum of 15 days, there is no cure

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As JoAnn the Goldfish Guru says, Dropsy is a SYMPTOM of other problem (s) with the fish. Dropsy can be due to problems with the environment (water quality, temperature shock, alkalinity), parasites, bacteria or virus. Dropsy is apparently caused by bacterial infections and kidney failure. Eggdrop in a happy moment Just like when you add a new betta to your tank, whenever you perform a 100% water change, your betta needs to acclimatize. Dead fish can float or sink when they die. That all depends on how/why the fish died. Frequently sold in individual containers, you might believe all betta fish have the same general appearance and demeanor If your Betta fish is looking lethargic and spending time laying at the bottom of the tank, they could be sick. There are many diseases that affect Bettas. In fact, these fish tend to experience disease more often due to a weaker immune system. Diseases like Ich, Bloat, Dropsy, and more can cause Betta fish to get weak

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Dropsy is not only an illness by itself but a potential plague on your aquarium. If your fish have dropsy, the first thing you should do is quarantine those clearly suffering away from the rest of the tank. The tank will then need its water changed and interior cleaned thoroughly; however, this will shock the fish if done all at once, which can. My Koi Just Died and I'm Worried About The Others? Here's the deal: We have four koi in a 55gal tank. One of the koi started losing his colour and stopped eating. For about a week he was at the top looking like he needed air, so we started airating the tank more, but his condition didn't improve. When he did eat he would spit out every. Sadly the same thing is happening to the Betta Fish put up for sale at your local Walmart. Bettas are beautiful fish, but like any other animal on earth, they need to be properly taken care of. I've seen Walmart Bettas with fin rot, fungus and even dropsy. They are left in plastic cups for weeks or months without ever having their water changed

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