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The LC-A 120 takes its design cues from Lomo's LC-A+ ($274.90 at Amazon) 35mm camera, but it's notably bigger. Still, at just 4.3 by 2.5 by 5.3 inches (HWD), it's surprisingly small when you. Film review: Lomography Color Negative 400 in 120 format by EM February 19, 2018 Updated July 3, 2021 I noticed a 3 roll box of 120 Lomography Color Negative 400 film in my local Boots Pharmacist some time ago Lomography is all about experimentation, about quirky charm and not knowing entirely what's going to happen when you hit the shutter button. This is blended with funky colours and striking design to make for a brand that's instantly recognisable and has very much carved out is own niche in the world of photography Find Lomography reviews on customer service and products. Submit your review or complaint. Smart.Reviews Categories For Businesses Browse Categories. Animals & Pets (8803) Beauty & Well-being (17359) Business Services (69511) Construction & Manufacturing (26690) Education & Training (19753 Metropolis has much more mild color effects which for us, makes it more of an everyday film while the LomoChrome purple is the type of film we'd save for special occasions or for places we've photographed many times before. Metropolis desaturates colors, mutes tones and adds a good amount of contrast

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Lomography 800 is a daylight-balanced color negative film rated at the fairly high speed of - surprise - ISO 800. For my shots, I almost gave up the advantage in speed and overexposed it by one or even two stops. High-speed films are usually associated with a higher amount of grain compared to films rated at a lower ISO Lomography 400 is a personal favorite of mine. My digital photography is generally quite contrasty with rich saturation and I find Lomo 400 helps me achieve similar results but with a true 'film look' to the images. A subtle grain especially when shooting towards light adds a beautiful airy feel to shots Lomography Redscale is at once an extremely versatile film, and one with strict limitations. There's a tremendous variety of tonalities possible with this film, but all of them exist within a specific range Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Lomography Fisheye 35mm Camera at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users

Lomography's Lomo'Instant is the most advanced instant camera yet, and the result of a crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign. Trusted Reviews exists to give our readers thorough, unbiased and. The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner is definitely a novelty device meant for someone who enjoys the look and charm of lower quality film photography. If you're a fan of slightly blurred images,..

Lomography Lomo'Instant Wide review: this instant camera that gets the bigger picture. Menu. This is Lomography's second instant camera, and the first to use Fujifilm's Instax Wide photo.

LomoChrome Purple is a film sold by Lomography. Introduced in 2013, an article on the Lomography website from January that year lead with the headline Introducing LomoChrome Purple - a color negative film that yields infrared results! . It's been described as a colour-shift film and even a purplescale film thanks to its. Review: Lomography Belair X 6-12 Camera (Part 1) Posted on December 5, 2012 by Gary. With film photography now largely a niche pursuit, the announcement of a new film camera is usually met with a mix of surprise and excitement. But even still, the unexpected arrival of the Lomography Belair X 6-12 sent tremors through the film community For the purposes of this review I think it's best to explain a little about 120 roll film and why it's special. The Lomo LC-A 120 is based on the Lomo LC-A which uses 35mm film. 35mm is the most ubiquitous film format ever produced, it's negative size is 24mm x 36mm which generally means that the cameras that use it are small. 120 roll. Lomography Konstruktor review: the $35 camera you build yourself A little money, a little elbow grease, a lot of camera By Sam Byford @345triangle Jan 14, 2014, 12:30pm ES New for $39.00. Overview. Specs. Reviews 39. Q&A. Accessories. Lomography Z360N Overview. The Lomography DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask holds your 35mm negatives flat and in place so you can properly scan them with a standard flatbed scanner with a backlight/transparency unit. Unlike other scanning masks, the DigitaLIZA accommodates the.

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Read Our Lomography LC-Wide Review. Lomography Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter. $325.00 See It at Amazon Read Our Lomography Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter Review. Leica M-A (Typ 127) $5,195.00 See It at Adorama Read Our Leica M-A (Typ 127) Review. Lomography Konstruktor. $39.90 See It at B&H Photo Vide Lomography, as both a manufacturer and ideology, is one of the leading proponents in the world of toy cameras. Formally developed in 1992 as the Lomographic Society International (LSI), Lomography's heritage dates back to 1982, when the first Lomography camera, the LC-A, was born. In 1991, a group of Viennese students came across the. Reviews & ratings: Lomography Sling Shot, Shoulder Style Bag - Red MFR: 838. Holds: Medium Format System, Point & Shoot Camera, Material: Leathe Film Review: Lomography Lady Grey 400 It is my usual form to pour scorn over everything Lomographic, from the brand's retrograde embrace of aberrations to their questionable business ethics. As an analogue photographer, what cannot be criticised is Lomography's unswerving commitment to film Our Lomography Colour Negative 400 review combines the community's comments, recommendations, sample images and feedback to give you an excellent overview of Lomography Colour negative 400 film's strengths and weaknesses! And this week we start with a bit of a background about 'brand Lomography' - how the company started and how it's evolved over the years since - to set the scene for the.

Lomography Oktomat Review: the 8-eyed art machine February 11, 2011 August 26, 2009 - by Jay Versluis. The Lomography Oktomat. It looks much better than it actually is. Cashing in on what made the Supersampler a success, Lomography brought out the Oktomat a while ago. Press the shutter, and over 2-3 seconds, you actually shoot EIGHT images in. Lomography 'Fantôme Kino' B&W 8 ISO 35mm Film - First Frames Review March 26, 2020 A few weeks ago (before all this CoronaVirus crap, but whilst Worcester was partially under water - hasn't it been a fun year), Hannah from Lomography UK got in touch to see if I would like to try a new film they have just announced today: Lomography. The Lomography Petzval 55mm f/1.4 MKII is a fantastically creative lens that provides plenty of opportunity to experiment with your photography. With a Dual Aperture System and a bokeh control ring, this lens helps take your portraits to the next level Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat 64mm F2.9 Art Review Construction and Handling. The Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art is not a type of lens seen everyday. Its aesthetics are far from anything typically seen on the market. This section will give you a complete tour of the lens, from every angle Posts about lomography 400 review written by carlosgrphoto. This film ticks all the boxes for me, cheap, easy to find (most big cities have a Lomography store, otherwise online.), high-iso without a crazy grain and, most importantly, it gives a really interesting color palette, very colorful and vintage at the same time

Lomography's latest Simple Use Camera, the LomoChrome Metropolis, is now available to purchase from the company's online store. The camera is loaded with Lomography's LomoChrome Metropolis ISO 100-400 film, operates off a single AA battery and features a built-in flash. The Simple Use Camera is reloadable, as well The following three options are also made by Lomography: Spinner 360; Diana F+ 35mm back; Lubitel 166; One non-Lomography option is the early 21st century beauty from Japan, the Superheadz Blackbird, fly: a 35mm plastic TLR camera. Look out for a review of that in the coming months. Sprocket Rocket sample image Review: Lomography Diana Instant Square. review Mar 21, 2019 at 13:00. The Diana Instant Square is a retro-inspired camera with manual controls that's fun to shoot in good light, but largely unpredictable in its operation. 152. The Lomogon 32mm F2.5 lens features perfectly round apertures on a rotating wheel

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The Lomography Daguerrotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art lens promises to deliver a 19th century look using modern digital equipment. It's a good buy if you love its throwback style, but not everyone will Film Friday - March 5th, 2021. Lomography Orca 110. In the running of this series of Film Friday features, we could be probably be easily forgiven, or at least it would be understandable, if we only featured 35mm and 120 films, with maybe a large format emulsion thrown in for good measure. But if you look up the history of film formats you will. Instax Wide film receives a game-changing lifeline with the LomoGraflok Back, a simple but spectacular tool for large format shooters by Lomography. The resu..

Lomography Fisheye No 2 review Adds bulb mode and allows multiple exposures By Amy Davies 30 September 2012. The Lomography Fisheye No 2 comes in a variety of striking designs. Fo The Lomography Lomo'Instant Automat Glass instant camera has a sharp glass lens with an ultra-wide view that makes it a great choice for landscape and travel. MSRP $189.00. $189.00 at Adorama. PCMag editors select and review products independently. If you buy through affiliate links, we may earn commissions, which help support our testing

Lomography Diana Instant Square reviews, pros and cons. Liked: Unique look with strongly saturated colors and vignetting Disliked: Exposure controls require turning camera around, selfie mirror. The Lomography Shop has a huge selection of analogue cameras and films. Buy all kinds of 35mm, 110, 120 and instant photography essentials. Happy shopping

The Lomography Beginners Guide. Ready to dive into the world of Lomography but confused by the countless colorful camera choices? Have no fear, here's a handy guide for you lovely Lomography newcomers! Picking your very first Lomographic camera can be a real challenge. There are so many to choose from - multilens, panoramic, medium-format. The Russian Tank: Zenit 12 XP 6 30 Share Tweet. The Zenit 12 XP was a single-lens reflex camera released in the Soviet Union before the Model 122. It was produced between 1983 and 1994, so it's quite easy to find it at secondhand shops A much requested review, the 35mm Fisheye One! My Gear:Plant Hanger (10% off with the Code 'MADISON24'): https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/EcoStudioByAlexFisheye. The Petzval 85mm f2.2 Art Lens includes seven standard aperture plates (f/2.2 through f/11), a cleaning cloth, brass lens cap, leather pouch and nicely done Petzval book. It's available from the Lomography Online Shop, any of their 25 Gallery & Embassy Stores and other merchants for $599. At the time of this writing, the genuine Canon 85mm f.

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Obviously, part of this appeal is the glass lens on the front of the camera. This lens is the same optic used on the company's Lomography LCA 120-and so it is the sharpest and the fastest aperture lens available for use on any Instax camera (at the time of publishing this review. Our Lomography Lady Grey review combines the community's comments, recommendations, sample images and feedback to give you an excellent overview of Lomo Lady Grey film's strengths and weaknesses! Produced for Analogue WonderBox subscribers in March 2021 but helpful for everyone wanting to learn more about Lomography's 400-speed B&W film Lomography Lightroom presets pack are the next best thing after actually shooting with a Lomo camera - without the hassle of film, and with the instant gratification of digital photography. With a grainy and gritty look, enhanced contrast and vibrant colors your photos will be the highlight of your friends' newsfeeds

Lomography La Sardina review Yes, this fish can really is a camera By Amy Davies 14 September 2011. Shaped like a sardine tin and available in several different colour ways, the Lomo La Sardina Lomography has offered yet another art lens for my review. The Petzval 58 is distinctively a better lens than the Petzval 85 (review here), and deservedly more expensive too.This review unit of the 58 lens captures sharper images than the 85 despite a larger aperture of f/1.9 compared to f/2.2 Review: Lomography Lomo'Instant Square. My review unit was a creamy white hue with color-matched faux leather on it. Opening the camera takes a bit of force, which means it's unlikely it'll. Buy Lomography LomoKino 35mm Film Camera featuring Use Any Kind of 35mm Film, Fast Focusing, Easy Aperture Controls, Simple, Hand-Cranked Frame Rate Control, Volume Control to Check Movie Progress. Review Lomography nul Fixed 1/80-second shutter and f/10 aperture. The Lomography Konstruktor ($35 direct) is just one of many cameras that the decidedly non-digital company offers. It sets itself apart from the others.

Photography may have gone digital, but, judging from the success of Lomography's new Petzval 58 lens, there are still a lot of die-hard analog fans out there. With this new lens, designed for. The Lomography Belair X 6-12 is the world's first auto-exposure medium format camera that takes ultra-wide images with superb sharpness and depth of field

Film Review : Lomography Color 400 - 120. Vincent. Jul 25, 2016. 3 min read. Films; Lomography; Mamiya; Today we are looking at the 2nd roll shot on my Mamiya M645. Lomography Color 400. I never really planned on shooting with this film but I saw a pack of 3 rolls for around 25€ the other day so I figured why not giving it a chance. I. Honest, in-depth and detailed Lomography cameras reviews that you can trust. See the latest Lomography reviews from the UK's leading independent tech publication

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1 Comment on Lomography Color 800 - first rolls review Everyone needs a good, fast color stock. And with Fuji(not)Film discontinuing it's excellent Natura 1600 , it looks like we're down to 4: Cinestill 800T , Fuji Superia X-TRA 800 (but for how long?), Kodak Portra 800, and Lomography Color 800 Lomography's Spinner 360 camera does the same thing, only instead of vertigo you end up with a series of pictures that go 4X beyond that of a panorama to describe a 360 degree arc. And it does. The Lomography Experimental Lens Kit ($99) is a set of three lenses for use with Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras. Each plastic lens features a fixed f/8 aperture, manual focus control, and a.

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Review: Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Lens. I have always be a fan of weird lenses and Lomography seems to be hitting the right notes when it comes to old lens design. I saw the Petzval and immediately love it to bits, then the Jupiter 3+ that I wrote a review for Techgoondu that tickled me. The only snag was the Petzval 58 that I. Lomography re-issues a vintage lens, the Jupiter 3+ Lomography's recent Jupiter 3+ lens stands out immediately for its mid-century styling, but beneath its metal-clad surface is an optical configuration that delivers images just as handsome, and as nostalgic, as its design implies That didn't stop Lomography, a company relishing vintage aesthetics, from taking an interest in Chevalier's original design. Launched as a Kickstarter project, the Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat 64mm F2.9 Art is a unique product in the modern photography landscape. Available for Nikon, Canon and Pentax SLR systems (and adaptable to.


  1. According to Lomography this film offers shots with desaturated colors, muted tones, and fine grain. The resulting images look like they were pulled out of a film from the 1970s. Lomography sent us a pre-production roll to test before it hits the market. We loaded the film into a Canon EOS Elan with a 50mm lens and took to the streets of New.
  2. ago We think Fujifilm's X100V is the best choice for a photographer's carry-everywhere camera in 2020
  3. This new Lomo'Instant Automat Glass Magellan has the widest-ever lens on an Instax-compatible body from Fujifilm or anybody else. Its 38mm f/4.5 lens is a noticeable upgrade, especially if you've.
  4. No one can get photographers to buy an expensive roll of grainy, experimental film quite like Lomography can. With their Purple LomoChrome XR 100-400, Lomography boasts a new film that “intentionally renders false colors, where blue becomes green, green becomes purple, and pink becomes yellow.†Lomography released its purple film back in 2013 and despite [

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Lomography is the first word in mainstream film photography these days. It's one of the few companies still designing and selling new film cameras at a large scale, and it has stores and fans. Lomography DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask Kit. 4.4. 9. reviews. Ratings Distribution. 5 Stars (7) 4 Stars (1) 3 Stars (0) 2 Stars (0

Other sources & some alternatives. The Darkroom.com has an excellent comparison of most of the branded single use & the simple use cameras. Camera Go Camera has a great review including shots of the reloading process, For information Lomography have a dedicated microsite to the simple use.. This may be the best built reloadable but I'd honestly suggest a plastic standard camera as an. Lomography LomoMod No.1 | Review Patrycja Reimus 20 March 2020 Inspired by the art of traditional Japanese Sashimono carpentry and Thomas Sutton's water-filled glass sphere, the Lomography team - a creative movement dedicated to analogue photography - created the environmentally-friendly LomoMod No.1 Lomography Embassy Hull. 225 likes · 10 were here. Lomography Embassy Hull is based in Creative & Cultural1 Princes Quay Hull. A center for film photography with gallery, studio, shop and workshop space Craig C. Houdeshell reviews the Lomography Petzval 85mm lens on Nikon cameras (the lens is no longer available on Kickstarter, but Lomography is already taking pre-orders on their website - the different versions can be found here): . Discussion of the Petzval Lens The Petzval lens is a very old design going back to the beginning of photograph

The Lomography Petzval 55mm F1.7 Mark II Bokeh Control (400 euros) is an impressive Art lens . In general Art lenses have a very poor sharpness, a vintage color rendition and some rendition of vintage lenses are sold for crazy price (Around 1000 euros for Meyer Optik Lenses) Here Lomography has found a very good alchemy wit Lomography Petzval DSLR Lens hands on review. Posted on 17th Dec 2014 by lomokev. The Lomography Petzval lens is a relatively new lens inspired by the past but designed to work with modern Nikon and Canon Digital SLRs. It's totally manual and the images it produces have a dream like quality to them which is down to the super shallow depth of. Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration. Lomography is on a product release tear. After announcing two different black-and-white film stocks over the past month, the company has just. The Lomography LomoKino video camera is the latest gadget from the analogue brand, and it enables you to produce silent movies using conventional 35mm film, a good alternative to the old-school.

Lomography's latest panoramic 35mm camera has a trick up its sleeve. You can pour liquid into the lens of the HydroChrome Sutton's Panoramic Belair Camera (yep, that's the full name) to add. Lomography created this film to emulate the famous Kodak Aerochrome Infrared film. They crafted an emulsion that increases sensitivity to red hues, and filters out greens. We thought we should try it out. So, for our Lomography LomoChrome Purple 120 Film Review, we put a roll in our Fuji GA645i and took it out around Brockwell Park

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Lomography Sprocket Rocket. Review An assessment or critique of a service, product, or creative endeavour such as art, literature or a performance. (Pocket-lint) - Analogue camera maker Lomography. Lomography offers the lens in three finishes. I received the black aluminum edition for review, the least expensive version. For $50 more—$499.90—you can go for a for a C-3PO look and get the lens in brass. The priciest version of the lens is another brass edition, but one that's been painted black, for $549.90 Lomography decided to recreate this classic lens and released the Petzval 85 Art lens in 2013. It's (relatively) sharp center and very soft edges combined with crazy swirly bokeh and heavy vignetting gives the images quite a unique look. Few months ago, Lomography has announced another new product, the Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art lens Lomography has pulled back the curtains on its latest product: HydroChrome Sutton's Panoramic Belair Camera, a new 35mm that lets you inject liquid into the lens for some colorful effects. As. The Lomography Lomo'Instant ($119) is the company's first attempt at a dedicated instant camera, and it's a fun one.It uses the Instax Mini film format, which captures photos about 2.4 by 1.8.

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Lomography has since introduced a 35mm back (£55) for the Belair which means that you can use good ol' reliable 35mm film, rather than pesky 120. This should give the picture quality a welcome boost A loving Lomography homage to the cult 1960's medium format camera When we at Lomography first encountered the Diana camera — an analogue icon of the 1960s — we were instantly smitten. Who could resist the charms of its beautiful, lo-fi photos? Something this classic and crucial to analogue photography shouldn't be forgotten The Lomography Sprocket Rocket 2.0 is an inexpensive panoramic film camera, with the unique (and fun) option of exposing the entirety of your film, including the sprockets. But you may have to go. Lomography Petzval 55mm f/1.7 MKII review The Lomography Petzval 55mm f/1.4 MKII is a fantastically creative lens that provides plenty of opportunity to experiment with your photography Lomography's Lomo'Instant Square is the second camera (though the first all-analogue model) to support the new square film. We put on our Huey Lewis sunglasses to discover whether it's truly hip to shoot square. Feature

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The Diana Instant Square is the latest in a series of products that lo-fi photo experts Lomography have crowdfunded on Kickstarter, and it's now available to everyone. This isn't Lomography's first instant camera, but it is the the first with interchangeable lenses and a hot shoe mount Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Lomography Simple Use Camera, Color Negative (SUC100CN) at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users

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Lomography 800 ** by Hans Vonk 102 2 Mamiya 645 super, 45mm, Lomo 800. misc. by Alexander Kozik 13 1 Smena 8M & Lomography Color 800. a break into another world by m_travels 158 47 Film: Lomography 800 Color. Lightings by Thanathip Moolvong 22 3 Rolleicord Va. Lomography has already launched a couple of Petzval lenses and added a vintage vibe to modern digital cameras. This time, they're presenting you the Petzval 80.5 mm f/1.9 MKII SLR Art, a portrait lens with swirly bokeh and gorgeous retro design. It celebrates the 180th anniversary of Joseph Petzval's original lens, but it lets you [

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Over 20,000 5-star reviews Download Our Apps; Film Cameras. Lomo'Instant Mini. Film Cameras. Lomo'Instant Mini. Lomography Lomo'Instant Mini $104.90 USD. 5 | 1 Review. Out of Stock This item can not be purchased at this time. Black. Out of Stock Free. Full review: I wrote last month that The Polaroid saga is a long and strange one. And the last couple years have been especially strange. after noting that Lomography's LC-A+ was getting. Details. The Lomography Lomo'Instant Square Glass has an automatic shutter speed / aperture mode, and a bulb mode.Automatic mode adjusts shutter speed, aperture and flash output to suit its surroundings. Automatic mode will use an aperture range of f /10 to f /22; and a shutter speed ranging from as fast as 1/250 s to as slow as 8 s. Bulb mode allows the shutter to be manually held open for up. MAKO On The Chair : Nikon F5 / SIGMA 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM / Lomography Color Negative 400 /. September 11, 2015 / 1280px. When water falls in a Lomochrome landscape by Zeb Andrews. 78 7. I just spent the last week on the road driving a large triangle through Oregon, Washington and Idaho Lomography is no stranger to bucking traditional design. Its Petzval lens is a fine example, with a brass body and an oddball side dial to adjust focus. Its Neptune Convertible Art Lens System.

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