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Yakima County is in Phase 2 In Phase 2, indoor social gatherings with 5 or less people outside of the household are permitted, as well as outdoor gatherings with a maximum of 15 people. Phase 2 guidance also allows indoor services for restaurants, movie theaters, fitness and other entertainment and recreation activities at 25% capacity Yakima County and the rest of the South Central region has moved into Phase 2 as of Sunday, Feb. 14, 2021, which allows for indoor dining at 25% capacity without applying open-air guidelines... Yakima County could move back to Phase 2 next week. YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. — The State Department of Health will evaluate on Monday whether Yakima County and other counties statewide will be allowed to remain in Phase 3. Yakima Health District officials said with the county's current COVID-19 numbers, it's unclear whether they'll be able. Counties must also have less than five new hospitalizations per 100,000 people over the past week, but Yakima County's at 8.6 new hospitalizations in a week's time. A county can fail one metric and stay in Phase 3, but failing two means it's back to Phase 2

Yakima County moved into Phase 2 of the state's Safe Start reopening plan on Tuesday. In a long-awaited announcement, Gov. Jay Inslee said Yakima County and the four other counties still in a.. Yakima Herald-Republic / Amanda Ray, file Yakima County's rate of new COVID-19 cases will push it back to Phase 2 of the state's recovery plan next week, barring unforeseen developments Amanda Ray / Yakima Herald-Republic Photo courtesy of WA DOH The southcentral region will remain in Phase 1 until at least Feb. 1 after failing to meet requirements to move to Phase 2 outlined in.. — In a press conference Tuesday, Governor Jay Inslee announced that the last five Washington counties in modified Phase 1 will now move to Phase 2. The counties advancing — Yakima, Benton, Franklin, Douglas, Chelan — have been in a form of Phase 1 since the March shutdown Yakima County is currently in Phase 3 of the plan and appeared in line to remain there.. Previously, to stay in Phase 3, a county had to have fewer than five per 100,000 hospitalizations over a.

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  1. According to the dashboard, Yakima County had a hospitalization rate of 5.5 per 100,000 for the seven-day period ending March 30, which is above the required benchmark and would have put Yakima..
  2. Turns out the region — made up of Benton and Franklin counties, Yakima County, Kittitas County, Walla Walla County and Columbia County — had met the metrics to move forward; it only didn't appear that way due to a data input error. Based on corrected data, the region qualifies for Phase 2
  3. Benton County, Franklin County, and Yakima remain at Phase 3 of Inslee's Roadmap to Reopening plan. The data used to calculate the metrics in this report are current as of Apr 09, 2021 at 11:59pm
  4. - Three counties in Washington state will revert back to Phase 2, with tighter restrictions on indoor and outdoor activities, after they registered rising numbers of COVID cases and hospitalizations, Gov. Jay Inslee's office announced Monday. Despite fears it would also be forced back, Yakima County will remain in Phase 3
  5. With key COVID-19 metrics improving in Yakima County, local health officials want businesses to be ready when it's time to move into Phase 2 of Washington's region-based reopening plan. None of the..
  6. Secretary of Health Masking Order still in effect. Everyone is still required to wear masks in healthcare settings, childcare facilities, camps, K-12 schools, correctional facilities, homeless shelters and public transportation. No capacity limitations (except large indoor events of more than 10,000), negative testing or vaccine verification.
  7. ed the county may remain in phase 3. State health officials said there are no plans to change what phase the county is in prior to the next evaluation, which is set for May 3

A Yakima Health District news release today they received news that Yakima County will move into Phase 2 of Washington's Safe Start Recovery Plan effective immediately. Yakima was already following Phase 2 guidance in many activities, this new distinction from.. Yakima County is now in Phase 2 of the state's Healthy Washington Roadmap to Recovery after the Washington State Department of Health approved the move on Sunday. Last week state officials announced the South Central Region which included Yakima County would remain in Phase 1 because the area met two of the four metrics for reopening. However after an analysis by city and county officials and. Sip and Savor Yakima Valley Wine and Craft Beverages in Phase 2 Yakima Valley wineries and craft breweries are operating under additional COVID-19 related restrictions issued by Governor Inslee and in place until January 4. How can you still enjoy your favorites Phase 2 includes the opening of restaurants, hair and nail salons and retail stores at limited capacities. Yakima. Yakima County has seen large increases in the number of confirmed cases of. Yakima County staying in Phase 3 for now. YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. — The State Department of Health announced Monday that Yakima County would be allowed to remain in Phase 3, at least until the next state re-evaluation. State health officials looked at each county's COVID-19 metrics, judging them based on the number of cases and hospitalizations

You are fully vaccinated 2 weeks or more after your second dose of Pfizer or Moderna, or your single dose of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. If you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask or stay 6-feet apart in public, except where required by law, local business or workplace guidance. Everyone is still required to wear masks. It means the counties encompassing Walla Walla, the Tri-Cities, Yakima and Ellensburg can advance to Phase 2, joining the rest of the state in allowing indoor dining at 25 percent capacity. The sudden change came just three days after the state said the south-central region would remain in Phase 1, while all other areas would be in Phase 2 The south central region of Washington state that includes the Tri Cities, Yakima and Walla Walla will move to Phase 2 of the Healthy Washington - Roadmap to Recovery immediately, after a..

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YAKIMA — Yakima County has been approved to advance to Phase 2, meaning movie theaters and restaurants owners will move to 50% capacity and libraries and museums will be open to 25% capacity. Governor Jay Inslee made the announcement during his weekly brief held Tuesday, Oct. 13, saying the county has met the Safe Start requirements for. YAKIMA -- This afternoon Governor Inslee announced that many regions across the state would be able to move to Phase 2 and further reopen businesses. Yakima's South Central Region is the lone exception. map. PNG. Puget Sound, and the West regions have already been in Phase for the past 2 weeks Most of WA will be in Phase 2 of reopening plan next week. OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — All but six of Washington state's 39 counties will be in Phase 2 of the state's economic reopening plan as of Sunday, with five new regions meeting the requirements necessary to join two other regions that have already seen a loosening of COVID-19.

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In Phase 2, restaurants and bars can offer indoor dining at 25% capacity and gyms can open at 25% capacity. South Central: Benton, Columbia, Franklin, Kittitas, Walla Walla, Yakima. Percent. Yakima, Benton, Franklin, Douglas and Chelan Counties are currently in a modified Phase 1 and will move to Phase 2 this week. These are the only remaining counties in Phase 1 or a modified Phase 1 Yakima county alone has seen more than 11,000 cases, roughly half the case count of King County. King County is home to 2.2 million people or nearly ten times the size of Yakima's population The Puget Sound and West regions had already moved to Phase 2 at the start of February, but now all eight regions in the state are in Phase 2 -- they include: South Central -- Yakima, Kittitas. YAKIMA -- Once we move to phase two, restaurants may be able to open their doors again, but only if they follow a number of new rules. Some restaurant owners are wondering if it's worth it to reopen with all the limitations that would need to be in place. More than a dozen rules must be followed in order for dine-in services to resume

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  1. TRI-CITIES -- The Dept. of Health has just announced that the South Central Region can advance to Phase 2 immediately. This region includes Benton, Franklin, Yakima, Kittitas, Walla Walla and.
  2. Comments and questions regarding the continuation of Phase One restrictions, facial coverings, health-related advisories, and testing locations in Yakima County may be directed to: Yakima Health District 1210 Ahtanum Ridge Drive Union Gap, WA 98903 509-575-4040. yhd@co.yakima.wa.us. How to prepare for COVID-19 in your Workplac
  3. Several counties across Washington, including King County, are at risk of moving back to Phase 2 of the state's reopening plan. Yakima County was at 249 cases and 5 hospitalizations per 100,000

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Yakima County, like the rest of Washington State, is in Phase 1. As the Yakima Health District receives concerns from the community regarding activities inconsistent with Phase 1, such as restaurants providing dine-in services, the Yakima Health District will reach out to provide education and support to businesses around safety practices The governor's office announced Friday morning that King County has been approved for Phase 2, leaving only three counties in the state -- Yakima, Benton and Franklin -- in Phase 1 or a modified.

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The new plan, called Healthy Washington, will group every county into eight regions, which will have to meet four key metrics to advance from Phase 1 to Phase 2. Regions will have to see a 10%. TRI-CITIES, WA- Although Benton and Franklin counties were moved up to Phase 2 in Washington state's re-opening plan, the same cannot be said for long-term care facilities. The long term care facilities plan is based on the state's re-opening plan but has additional requirements that have to be met. In order to move up in Barber shops and hair salons open in Phase 2 of the plan. Franklin, Benton, and Yakima are the only counties in still in Phase 1. Three counties are in a modified version of phase 1 that includes.

A total of 24 counties have now been approved to move to Phase 2: Adams, Asotin, Columbia, Cowlitz, Ferry, Garfield, Grant, Grays Harbor, Island, Jefferson, Kittitas, Lewis, Lincoln, Mason, Pacific, Pend Orielle, San Juan, Skamania, Spokane, Stevens, Thurston, Wahkiakum, Walla Walla and Whitman. To apply for a variance, counties must have an. At a news conference Tuesday, the governor said Yakima, Benton, Franklin, Douglas and Chelan counties will be moved from modified Phase 1 into Phase 2

WALLA WALLA, WA- With Walla Walla County in phase 2, many non-essential businesses can open their doors. One of those businesses includes wineries. They can only do 50 percent capacity like restaurants. With most wineries being smaller than restaurants that may mean only 10 people can be in the building at a time. People can' YAKIMA, WA- The Yakima Health District received notification that they were approved to move to Phase 1.5 of the Safe Start Washington plan effective July 3, 2020

In Phase 2, restaurants can open indoor dining at 25% capacity, same for fitness centers indoors. Sports competitions may also resume in Phase 2 with limited spectators. Yakima . Phase 2. We can do this together! Let's get the Yakima Valley open safely! The Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce and Yakima County Development Association are distributing FREE cloth masks to businesses and individuals while supplies last. They come in packages of five. Call 509-248-2021 to make an appointment to pick up, and let them know how many. For regions to stay in Phase 2, or move forward regions will need to show a consistent flattening of positive COVID-19 cases and/or improvements, if they don't they will move back to Phase 1. Yakima County's number of cases is steadily on the rise. Twenty-four of 39 counties in the state are now in phase 2 of reopening from the COVID-19 shutdown: Adams, Asotin, Columbia, Cowlitz.

The three counties returning to Phase 2 are: These metric trends are driven by the virus and we must continue to do everything we can to sharpen our focus and keep COVID-19 activity down. We are so close to the end of the tunnel here — we have made tremendous progress and we must keep our focus, Inslee said Gov. Jay Inslee today announced the rollback of three counties not meeting the Phase 3 Healthy Washington metrics for reopening activities.. The three counties returning to Phase 2 are: Cowlitz Count Inslee used Yakima County as an example of the issues keeping Central and Eastern Washington counties from moving into Phase 2. If folks would start wearing masks in Yakima County, hopefully we can get on top of this and start reopening Yakima. said Inslee, We've had discussions, and we'll have more to say on this in the next few days Gov. Inslee calls Yakima Valley the 'epicenter' of Washington cases. 10 new deaths among 373 new cases reported Tuesday in Washington. Phase 2 increases outdoor recreational activities, such.

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Spokane, Clark, Pierce and Snohomish counties are in Phase 2 of reopening and Benton and Yakima counties are in Phase 1. King County has moved into a modified Phase 1.5, but could apply for Phase. COVID-19 Reopening Guidance for Businesses and Workers. On June 30 Washington state has reopened under the Washington Ready plan. All industry sectors previously covered by the Roadmap to Recovery or the Safe Start plan (with the limited exceptions noted below) may return to usual capacity and operations. Important Reference Documents

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Other places — like Pierce, Yakima and Kittitas counties — could go backward, Since March 12, all 39 counties have been in the third phase of the governor's Healthy Washington plan. A total of three counties are in Phase 1, two are in a modified version of Phase 1, 19 are in Phase 2, and 15 are in Phase 3. RELATED: Reopening Washington: Look up the phase of your count Governor Inslee announced the 4 phase plan to reopen Washington state. He is following the advice of health professionals as well as the data which he displayed. Some counties will be able to move to phase 2 sooner than others but only if they continue to show good data and meet the strict guidelines se But several counties are at risk of having their phase lowered. According to the state's risk assessment dashboard, Lewis, Kittitas, Franklin, Yakima, Spokane and Whitman counties could also be.

COVID-19 HIV Fact Sheet - August 29, 2020. Families with Children - January 7, 2021. Fully Vaccinated People - May 17, 2021. Guidance for the General Public - May 28, 2021. Handlers of Service and Therapy Animals - January 28, 2021. Household Members, Intimate Partners, and Caregivers (in a Non-Healthcare Setting) of a Person Confirmed to. Warehouse Theatre Company in Yakima opens its doors after an 18-month closure due to the pandemic. The Company revealed its 2021-2022 season with four productions: Clue: On Stage, Little Women: The Broadway Musical, The Savannah Sipping Society and Little Shop of Horrors. The Warehouse is so excited to welcome our theatre family back this fall to laugh and live again! said Andrea. BedsAny1+2+3+4+5+ Use exact match Bathrooms Any1+1.5+2+3+4+ Home Type Checkmark Select All Houses Townhomes Multi-family Condos/Co-ops Lots/Land Apartments Manufactured Max HOA Homeowners Association (HOA)HOA fees are monthly or annual charges that cover the costs of maintaining and improving shared spaces The counties moving to Phase 2 are, Yakima, Benton, Franklin, Douglas and Chelan Counties. All of these have been in some sort of form of Phase 1 since the March shutdown. Yakima county has been in Phase 1.5 since July 3 rd. Since Yakima was in a modified Phase 1.5, there are just a few changes

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Yakima County remains in phase 3 due to lower hospitalization numbers. In general, no more than 25% occupancy is allowed for indoor or outdoor activities under Phase 2, compared with 50% in Phase 3. Exceptions are allowed for school graduation ceremonies under certain conditions. The next evaluation of counties will be in three weeks on May 3 North 1st Street - Phase 2. Work is under way on Phase 2 of the North 1st Street Revitalization Project. Click Read More for more about Phase 2 and the overall project, as well as a story map showing the three phases

Those 10 counties - King, Snohomish, Spokane, Stevens, Benton, Franklin, Grant, Kitsap, Lewis and Yakima - currently are in Phase 3 but could slip back to Phase 2, which has more restrictions on. Yakima Kittitas Klickitat Adams Lincoln Grant Douglas Okanogan Whatcom Skagit Snohomish King Pierce Lewis Thurston Mason Je˚erson Kitsap San Juan Island Grays Harbor Paci˜c Cowlitz Skamania Clark Chelan Asotin Spokane Pend Oreille Stevens Ferry Wahkiakum Clallam Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3. 3 HEALTH WASHINGTON: ROADMAP TO RECOERY Phase 1 Phase 2. The only region in the state that isn't in Phase 2 is the South Central region, including the Walla Walla, Tri-Cities and Yakima areas. Inslee said he doesn't have a date for when Phase 3. Other smaller counties, including Yakima, Benton and Franklin, that have seen major outbreaks, are also far from the threshold. said the county would apply to move to Phase 2 as soon as Friday. In Phase 3, up to 50 people are allowed at outdoor gatherings. Gov. Inslee also released new guidance on Friday regarding spectator events in Phase 2. That includes: 25% capacity for indoor and.

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Data Summary. Local Yakima Health District (YHD) Data is 24-48 hours ahead of Department of Health (DOH) data. COVID-19 Data Dashboards are based on DOH data. Death data differs between DOH and YHD. YHD reports anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 AND died due to complications related to COVID-19. DOH reports anyone who tested positive for. Benton, Franklin, Chelan, Douglas and Yakima counties have previously had different approved activities in their modified phase on plans so the state worked to create consistency among the counties OLYMPIA — In a long-awaited moment, Gov. Jay Inslee announced today Chelan and Douglas counties have officially advanced to Phase 2 in Washington's COVID-19 recovery program.. Inslee's announcement in an afternoon press conference brings NCW and three other counties — Yakima, Benton, Franklin — in line with the rest of the state RELATED: Whitman County one of three moving back to Phase 2 of Washington's reopening plan . In order to stay in Phase 3, larger counties with more than 50,000 residents have to have fewer than.

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Kittitas County is the north-most county in the state's south central region, the only region set to remain in Phase 1 come Monday. Counties in the south-central region include Yakima, Benton, Franklin, Columbia, and Walla Walla counties In addition to Benton and Franklin counties, Yakima, Douglas and Chelan also were approved on Tuesday to move to Phase 2. They were the only counties among the 39 in the state still in modified. On May 13, 2021 Governor Jay Inslee announced that the state is moving toward a statewide June 30 reopening date and that all counties in Washington will move to Phase 3 of the Healthy Washington: Roadmap to Recovery reopening plan effective May 18 until June 30. The following counties will remain in Phase 2: Cowlitz, Pierce, Whitman and Ferry. Businesses approved to move into Phase 2 must comply with all health and safety requirements outlined in the guidance to reopen.. To apply for a variance, counties must have an average of less than 10 new cases per 100,000 residents over a 14-day period

As of Friday afternoon, Yakima County is currently in Phase 1 and King, Pierce and Snohomish counties are all in Phase 2. Per Phase, in Phase 2, many non-essential businesses may be allowed to. King County has been approved for a modified Phase 1, or Phase 1.5, and the remaining 33 counties in the state are already in Phase 2 or 3. Phase 2 allows counties to resume more construction.

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Masks are now required when in public in Yakima County due to rising cases. King County approved for Phase 2 of reopening.; 5 new deaths and 455 new cases reported Sunday in Washington Phase 2: Indoor Weddings & Funerals: Indoor ceremonies and receptions, wakes, or similar gatherings in conjunction with such indoor ceremonies are permitted and must follow the appropriate venue guidelines. Maximum capacity of 200 or 25% capacity (not including vendors), whichever is less, so long as six fee In Phase 2, that means up to five people. We ask people to stick with the same five individuals in a given week, Faulk said. A yard sale where only five people showed up would have been a.

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OLYMPIA - Wednesday the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) released guidance for the next phase of COVID-19 vaccination. Brush Fire in the Yakima River Canyon closes SR-821, Level 3. A county must have been in Phase 2 for at least 3 weeks before it is eligible to enter Phase 3. The third phase builds on the activities allowed during Phase 2, adding outdoor activities and.

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YAKIMA, Wash - The amount of COVID-19 cases in Yakima County per capita is more than double the state average. In some parts of the county it's as much as five times higher. Despite the high numbers Lilian Bravo with the health district says Yakima County will remain in phase one of the state's plan to re-open businesses and the economy. And that conversation is possible because as a state. It is similar to directives issued in Yakima, Spokane, King, Thurston, San Juan and Whatcom counties, some of them before successfully applying to the state to move to Phase 2, Dr. Person said Phase 2 Electric, Inc. was formed on January 17, 2002 by Belinda and Michael Money in Pasco, Washington. P2E is a union electrical contractor providing service, maintenance and electrical installations for new and remodel commercial, industrial and municipal projects in SE Washington and NE Oregon

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5 Washington counties to go to Phase 2 in Inslee's 4-part reopening plan . Oct. 13, Douglas, Franklin and Yakima — have been stuck in a modified first phase,. Gov. Inslee says all 28 Washington counties will remain in Phase 2 of reopening for at least the next two weeks.Inslee says no counties or regions are at ris.. Keep in mind, the phase status for each county is individually evaluated every three weeks. While all counties moved into Phase 3 on March 22, 2021, it is possible the county in which the ceremony or event will be in Phase 1, Phase 2, or Phase 3 at the time the event is scheduled. Planning must adjust t The Southwest Washington county was among the first to get cleared to move to the second phase of Gov. Jay Inslee's plan to reopen the state. Adjacent Clark and Yakima counties have seen.

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A rollback from Phase 3 to Phase 2 means going from 50% capacity to 25%. For restaurants that count on in-door dining, the rollback could be a serious setback. It's going to be very tough for. A total of 14 counties have now been approved to move to Phase 2 of Gov. Jay Inslee's Safe Start Washington plan. 6 new deaths among 148 new cases reported Friday in Washington YAKIMA -- Local counties survived the latest state evaluation but that could change in less than a week and some businesses said a rollback might not go as smoothly this time. Restaurants continue to see high demand for in-person dining, Zesta Cucina in Yakima is one of those eateries enjoying a resurgence of business once Yakima County entered phase three