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  1. Primary Medical Care Policy and Guidance Manual (PGM) The PGM provides commissioners of primary care services the context, information and tools to safely commission and contract manage primary medical care contracts. Commissioners and primary care providers supporting resettled refugees and asylum seekers may also find the BMA's Refugee and.
  2. Primary Care Initiative Policy Framework Version 11 June 2008 (updated January 2018) Page 1 1. Introduction The Primary Care Initiative (PCI) Policy Manual was developed by the Primary Care Initiative Committee (PCIC) to provide the foundation on which Primary Care Networks will be developed, implemented and evaluated
  3. integrated primary care implementation) and several key VISN 2 Integrated Primary Care clinicians and leaders. This newly updated version reflects changes in VHA policies and refinement of procedures, and includes input from collaborative leaders in the field. The authors particularl
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Let the Operating Policies and Procedures Manual for Medical Practices, 5th edition be your guide on the journey to managing a successful practice. This resource makes it simple to develop and maintain your practice's manual. This manual addresses these and other core business functions: Business office. Clinical care The Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Primary Health Care (PHC) Policy Manual is a guide for contractors who deliver primary health care services in Texas. The policy manual has been structured to provide contractor staff with information needed to comply with program legislation and rules UTILIZING THIS MANUAL The policy and procedure manual is essential to the efficient operation of every medical practice. Its purpose is multifold: to serve as a training and orientation guide for new employees, to serve as an ongoing reference for staff, and to serve as a risk management tool that lowers liability exposure in the office 12 Medical Office Policy and Procedure Manual Anyone may develop a policy or process for consideration by the physicians. Everyone should be looking out for and communicating improvements to the way we work. Cardiology Medical Group Values Cardiology Medical Group is a group family medicine clinic based on the following ideal DECEMBER 2018 POLICIES TO TRANSFORM PRIMARY CARE: The Gateway to Better Health and Health Care 5 achieving universal, or close-to-universal coverage. Strengthening primary care is a necessary corollary to fulfilling our promise of expanded health insurance coverage. Only when consumer

Primary health care (PHC) policies are decisions and plans that are undertaken by governments with input from other stakeholders to achieve specific health care goals. PHC policies promote, support, and establish system orientation, financing, inputs, and service delivery mechanisms to ensure quality and improve and develop PHC functions and outcomes Sample Office Procedures Page 4 of 98 January 2004 9. PHYSICIAN EXTENDER SUPERVISOR POLICIES Medical Assistant Guidelines Mid-Level Clinicians Physician/Clinician Agreement 10. OTHER Members Rights and Responsibilities Advance Directives Medical Office Standards (Provider Site Policy & Checklist) 11. SAMPLE MEDICAL RECORD FORM Nursing Policy & Procedure Manual . To provide a primary care program that encourages preventative care and health care education to citizens desiring those services, especially for those who have limited access to adequate medical care support organizations interested in starting a practice facilitation (PF) program for primary care transformation. The focus on primary care transformation reflects the growing consensus that the U.S. primary care system must be redesigned in fundamental ways so that, in the end, we improve health and patient experience and lower costs

Risk management in the physician office focuses on effective communication, direct patient care activities with the potential for liability for inappropriate or incorrectly performed care and office policies and procedures which, when not established or not followed, can result in patient dissatisfaction or an adverse or unanticipated outcome Sample Policy and Procedures Manual Other Resources. Introduction In 1977, Congress passed the Rural Health Clinic Services Act (PL 95-210). The legislation had two main goals: improve access to primary health care in rural, underserved primary care health professionals, then we encourage you to learn more about the. POLICY AND PROCEDURES MANUAL (also see the Schedule of Fees for Dental Services and the Infection Control Manual for other clinic policies) 2013 -2014 MISSION STATEMENT We promote and provide oral health care as an integral component of overall health, for regional, national and international communities through quality education, research and.

The Policy and Procedure Manual: Managing By the Book. By Paul Rao, PhD. Paul Rao, PhD, is Director of Speech-Language Pathology Service and Co-Director, Stroke Recovery Program, for the National Rehabilitation Hospital, in Washington, DC. Yesterday, a Policy and Procedure (P&P) manual might have been regarded, at best, as a dust collector to. Primary care accounts for nearly half of all outpatient encounters. ! Physician assistants (PA), Advanced practice registered nurses (APRN), and physicians all contribute to the primary care workforce. ! The full extent of primary care activities undertaken by primary care providers is largely unknown. (Dehn & Hooker, 1999 Sample Policies and Procedures Manual 4 SAMPLE CDC POLICIES AND PROCEDURES MANUAL SECTION TWO: PERSONNEL POLICIES I. Policy on Affirmative Action It is the policy of CDC that it will operate and conduct business without discrimination or segregation because of age, sex, race, color, religion, nationa Provider notes will contain all components required in order to support the medical care provided and services billed per the XX HD policies and procedures. If there is lack of equipment or equipment failure that prevents adequate diagnosis or treatment, a provider note should be written in the EHR to document lack of equipment or equipment. primary care providers. The following integration manual is intended for implementation in primary care settings that do not already provide on-site buprenorphine treatment services. Buprenorphine Treatment Overview Buprenorphine, a partial opioid agonist, was approved by the FDA in 2002 for the treatment of opioid dependence

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Policy and Procedure Manuals Policy and Procedure Manuals. The Policy and Procedure Manuals of the Indiana State Cancer Registry serve as a reference for hospitals and other healthcare providers who report cases of malignant disease to the State Cancer Registry. Reporting entities are assigned a three-digit ID number by the State Cancer Registry Primary Care Behavioral Health Toolkit . Provided as part of Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) Introduction and Foundations Create a policies and procedures service manual 2. Agree on reporting and supervisory relationships 3. Address administrative staffing requirements 4. Define charting an Clinic Procedure Manual MAT Health clinic policy and procedure manual Quality Management Policy and Procedure Manual Policies and Procedures WHS Policy Storage & Safe Handling of Medicines pol That is the purpose of a policy and procedure manual. Furthermore, policy & procedure manuals help with: 1. Setting expectations. A policy and procedure manual helps a business owner in gathering the company's mission, value, and prospects all in one place. It also set standards of conduct, behavior, and performance of employees

The DPC Manual is Now Available for Purchase. This manual, developed by Kimberly Legg Corba, DO in conjunction with health care attorney Dennis Hursh, is currently used in her practice. Dr. Corba is the owner of Green Hills Direct Family Care, a Direct Primary Care family practice. The editable documents available here can help doctors Policies and procedures are an incredibly important part of making sure staff know how to care for patients and how to carry out tasks with confidence. Policy and Procedure Review It cannot be overstated that policies and procedures must be constantly reviewed and updated. Healthcare standards and regulations are constantly fluctuating

This manual was developed both in the interest of our facility and in the interest of our employees. Therefore, the policies and procedures manual provides sets of rules and steps to be followed in measuring employee satisfaction, reward system, supervisory communication skills, but also in recruiting and selecting employees, and in developing. • Primary care case management • Mental Health clinical services • Psychological Services • Vision Care • Hospice Care • Inpatient Hospital Care for Individuals under age 21 (psychiatric) identified in Appendix B, located in Part 1 Policy and Procedure Manual Policy: B.02 Page 1 of 6 POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL Policy Title: Authorization for Observation vs. Inpatient Admission Level of Care Policy Number: B.02 Primary Department: Medical Management NCQA Standard: N/A Affiliated Department(s): N/A URAC Standard: N/A Last Revision Date: 03/08/201 Policy and Procedure Manual for participating health care providers and your business office staff. This manual provides information about our claims filing procedures, payment s, provider agreements, managed care requirements, communications and other topics that affect patient accounts and patient relations. A

PROCEDURES MANUAL NUMBER 6025.01 December 20, 2019 DAD-MA SUBJECT: Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) Standards References: See Enclosure 1. 1. PURPOSE. This Defense Health Agency-Procedures Manual (DHA-PM), based on the authority of References (a) and (b), and in accordance with the guidance of References (c POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL FOR THE REFERRAL AND TRANSFER OF PATIENTS 2016 | 11 Healthcare in Jamaica is offered through the public and private health sectors, providing primary, secondary and tertiary care services. These services are facilitated through a network of hospitals, health centres, and private office Download Procedures for Primary Care Providers kindle Download Procedures for Primary Care Providers ebook An electronic book, also known as an e-book or eBook, is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices

These policies and procedures are generally based on federal and state laws and federal regulations. Medicaid provider manual policy and procedures, and changes thereto, are promulgated as required by the state's Administrative Procedure Act. When fully utilized, each program manual is an effective tool for the provider Mercy Care Provider Manual Table of Contents . Content highlighted in yellow represents changes since the last Provider Manual iteration. CHAPTER 100 - MERCY CARE PROVIDER MANUAL - GENERAL TERMS . MC Chapter 1 - Introduction to Mercy Care . 1.00 - Welcome . 1.01 - About Mercy Care . 1.02 - Disclaimer . 1.03 - MC Policies and.

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Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) are those physicians who accept the responsibility of providing and/or coordinating the Gateway programs, policy and procedure changes/updates, network changes, changes in the Schedule of Allowances, billing information and general topics of interest. These notices should be added to this Manual. Th Clinical policies and procedures that guided practice in the former regions and boards continue to remain in effect until replaced by an approved AHS clinical practice support document (e.g. policy, procedure, standard, or guideline) The on-site survey process focuses on an RHC's delivery of patient care, including its organizational functions and processes for the provision of care. The RHC on-site survey is the means used to assess compliance with Federal health, safety and quality standards that will assure that patients receive safe, quality care and services

The Health Care Department Operations Manual (HCDOM) outlines the delivery of medical and dental care provided to patients. To view medical and dental care policies, click on the HCDOM button below. Updated mental health policies and procedures will be added soon. Please email Lifeline@cdcr.ca.gov for questions Registration, eligibility, outreach, and enrollment procedures. Current fee schedule (s) for each service area (for example, medical, dental, behavioral health). Billing and Collections policies or procedures and systems including: Provision (s) to waive or reduce fees owed by patients; Third-party payor billing procedures and/or contracts medical care, and to establish standards by which prehospital care may be audited for A primary purpose of the team is to provide for the safety and medical needs of emergency personnel operating at incident scenes. The team is dispatched by MedCom/Valley Shore. Contact MedCom/Valley Shore or YNHH CEMS EMS Policy & Procedure Manual. HEALTH CARE POLICY AND PROCEDURES For the safety of your child and all children in our care, please do not bring your child to daycare sick. ILL OR INFECTED CAREGIVER I will not accept children in care when I am sick and potentially can spread illness that may endanger the health or well-being of any child in my care Behavioral Health Policy and Procedure Manual for Providers / New York Health and Recovery Plan (HARP) Program This document contains chapters 1-7 of Beacon's Behavioral Health Policy and Procedure Manual for 1.7 Primary Care Provider Requirements for Behavioral Healt

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  1. e medical coverage. Medical Clinical Policy Bulletins (CPBs) detail the services and procedures we consider medically necessary, cosmetic, or experimental and unproven. They help us decide what we will and will not cover. CPBs are based on: Peer-reviewed, published medical journal
  2. The following document is a summary guide of infection prevention recommendations for outpatient (ambulatory care) settings. The recommendations included in this document are not new but rather reflect existing evidence-based guidelines produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee
  3. istrators. Hospital Wide Policies & Procedures can be reviewed by visiting the BMC Policy page. Show All Hide Al

MHCP Provider Manual - Home. This online MHCP Provider Manual is your primary information source for MHCP coverage policies, rates and billing procedures and is updated on an ongoing basis. On the menu to the left: • Review the Provider Manual Table of Contents. • Find information for all providers under Provider Basics Behavioral Health Policy and Billing Manual. ReThe purpose for the Behavioral Health Policy & Billing Manual (BH Manual) is to provide a reference for the policies and processes related to Behavioral Health for administration of Medicaid behavioral health services, as defined in New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC), Section 8.321.2 This section of the Manual was created to help guide you and your staff in working with Kaiser Permanente's billing and payment policies and procedures. It provides a quick and easy resource with contact phone numbers, detailed processes and site lists for services Franchise companies buy our home health care policies and procedures manuals. These are top notch (thanks to our team) - and you can't beat our guarantee. Our home health care policies and procedures are professionally designed, edited, printed and shipped to you in hard copy and USB in word and PDF format. YouTube The purpose of the UCSC Infection Control Policy and Procedure Manual is three-fold as follows: 1. To provide a standard of 'best practice' as it pertains to the prevention and control of communicable disease and to serve as a reference source for SHC personnel. 2


It is the policy of this State to strengthen and preserve the family as a unit consistent with a high priority of protecting children's welfare. When a child requires care outside the family unit, it is the duty of the State to assure that the quality of s ubstitute care is as clos or material in this manual, or about our policies, please call Provider Services. Important information about the use of this manual If there is a conflict between your Agreement and this care provider manual, use this manual unless your Agreement states you should use it, instead. If there is a conflict between your Agreement, this manual and Policy Manual. Attachment B: Deaths in Custody - Death Report for Bureau of Justice Statistics. Attachment A: Speech Pathology Referral Criteria for TDCJ and Speech Pathology Referral Process. Treatment of Offenders With Intersex Conditions, Gender Identity Disorder or Gender Dysphoria, Formerly Known as Gender Identity Disorder Centered Medical Home' Model of Primary Care in MTFs, March 18, 2009 (h) TRICARE Operations Manual 6010.59-M, April 1, 2015 (i) TRICARE Policy Manual 6010.60-M, April 1, 2015, as amended (j) DHA-Interim Procedures Memorandum 17-001, Use of Tri-Service Workflow (TSWF

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Program, Policy, and Procedure Manual The Washington State Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe) program model is designed to provide comprehensive services and supports to eligible clients. The purpose developmental disabilities, substance abuse, primary care, and education systems Health Care Management Policy and Procedure BCBSIL Provider Manual - Rev 4/10 7 Quality of Care Complaints and Occurrences Page 2 of 5 2. The CAU staff conducts a preliminary investigation of the complaint and forwards all claim issues back to the originator. 3 HEALTH SERVICES POLICY & PROCEDURE MANUAL North Carolina Department of Public Safety Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice SECTION: Administrative - Managed Care POLICY # AD III-1 PAGE 3 of 5 SUBJECT: Inmate Co-Pay EFFECTIVE DATE: September 2013 SUPERCEDES DATE: May 2011 PROCEDURES A. Notification Requirements: 1 Last Updated on June 17, 2019. Risk Adjustment and Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding is a payment model mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in 1997. Implemented in 2003, this model identifies individuals with serious or chronic illness and assigns a risk factor score to the person based upon a combination. POINT-OF-CARE TESTING PROGRAM POLICIES AND PROCEDURES MANUAL Document Number: POC1-012 Effective Date: 2/15/2011 Title: Quality Management Plan for Point-of-Care Rapid HIV-1/2 Antibody Testing Page: Page 1 of 23 Supersedes: 7/1/2010 . Purpose . The intent of this Quality Management Plan is to formalize and standardize the quality assuranc

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Procedure Manual Revised 7/1/17 . 2 DVHA oversees and monitors NEMT, issuing policies and procedures to coincide with changing circumstances and federal and state directives. DVHA is also responsible for approving various trips Primary Care Plus (PC Plus): The name for Vermont's primary care case management program i familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures of the center. Disclaimer The examinations that you may partake in are instructional and are not to be considered a formal and complete medical evaluation. The supervising physician and/or learner does not replace your primary care physician

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Primary Care Program; Reimbursement Information; Reporting Data to DHS; Resources for Legislators; Health and Medical Care Licensing and Certification; Mental Health Treatment Programs; Immunization Policy and Procedure Manual : March 1, 2021: PDF Policy/Criteria: 1. Outpatient physical, occupational, speech, and/or feeding therapy evaluation and treatment services are considered medically necessary if: a. The therapy is prescribed by the primary care practitioner (PCP) or other prescribing practitioner at the request of the PCP and provided by a qualifie PRIMARY CARE OFFICE MANUAL 3 Introduction This Primary Care Office (PCO) Manual is a tool for both new and experienced PCO managers . It aims to help PCO staff understand the background of PCO funding, along with program expectations, required reporting, and the federal organizational structure overseeing PCO operations Approval of Policies and Procedures This policy and procedure manual has been developed by administrative, legal, and clinical staff, in conjunction with the on-site Medical Director and Health Services Administrator. This manual constitutes a composite of policies and procedures, which are applicable to the total operation of the healthcare unit

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Policies are categorized according to their functional area, and each policy is identified by a number consisting of the year it was finalized and its category (e.g., policy BEN 05-001 was the first Benefits policy finalized in 2005). These are the categories, or functional areas in which policies are placed. Subject POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL POLICY: HS-NA0420 INDEX TITLE: Nursing SUBJECT: Medication Reconciliation DATE: March 8, 2013 I. POLICY It is the policy of UPMC that medication reconciliation will occur for those patients receiving care within UPMC as identified in the scope of this policy. II. PURPOS

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The Duke Human Resources Policy Manual offers comprehensive details about Duke's Human Resources policies, procedures and forms. The policy manual provides supervisors and staff with access to uniform information in order to assure equitable and consistent application of the policies The policy manual is a written expression of the rules governing the employer/employee relationship. It is essential, today more than ever, for a company to protect its rights within that relationship by policies that are both fair and legal. However, when not done properly, a policy and procedure manual could do more harm than good

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  1. While this Manual is intended as a guide for Title X sub-recipients, agencies which participate in other federal and state family planning programs, such as Title XIX (Medicaid), and state-funded family planning programs (e.g., TWHP, EPHC, FP, etc.), should also follow the policies and procedures established by these programs
  2. up-to-date reference PDF manual allows you and your staff to find important information such as processing a claim and prior authorization. This care provider manual explains the policies and procedures of the UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete programs network. This manual also includes important phone numbers and websites
  3. (ACHN) Primary Care Physician (PCP) and Delivering Healthcare Professional (DHCP) Billing . The Alabama Coordinated Health Network (ACHN) Manual has been developed by the Alabama Medicaid Agency to explain the policies and procedures of the ACHN program. Every effort has been made to present qualified providers a comprehensiv

The purpose of this manual template is to aid Community Health Centers (CHCs) in developing and maintaining an emergency management plan that guides their response to all hazards. Included are policies, procedures, and forms needed to create a comprehensive plan This manual outlines the FirstCare HMO/PPO (FirstCare) network and its procedures. The information in this manual offers general guidelines that are applicable to both HMO and PPO benefit plans except where noted. Language provided by the State of Texas in regards to certain HMO/PPO policies are also included and noted in this manual Primary Care Communication: Clinical Practice Guidelines (September 2019) Q. Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) Manual and Standards (2017) R. Regulation Establishing Standards for Emergency Involuntary Procedures Manual (2016) Restraints Use Policy for Involuntary Transport (2018) S This Behavioral Health Provider Policy and Procedure Manual (hereinafter, the Manual) is a legal such as primary care provider office visits, hospitalization and prescription drugs. PHC has four regional offices in Fairfield, Santa Rosa, Eureka and Redding, helping to provide and coordinate services locally. PHC's mission is to help. Office Manual for Health Care Professionals. This guide explains how to work with us. It has policies, procedures and contact information. Link to PDF. Office Manual for Health Care Professionals (applies to all regions) Link to PDF. Mid-America Office Manual Supplement (IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, MT, ND, NE, OH, OK, SD, WI, WY) Link to PDF

procedures when a child enters into care. Further, to provide for prompt and stable provision of resources throughout a child's stay in care, the agency is committed to making these procedures efficient and comprehensive. The following section describes the policies and procedures to be followed when a child enters foster care. POLICY: 1 Policies and Procedures Regarding Insurance and Medical Expenses It is the policy of the UNO Athletic Department that all student-athletes be covered by a major medical health and accident insurance policy prior to participation in any practices, games/competitions, and/or strength and conditioning activities CHP Clinic Policy and Procedure Manual Department Policy: Page 4 of 4 CLINIC MANUAL Date Established Date Revised August 20, 1998 May 20,2007 7.6 Inpatient Information 7.7 CMS Patients 7.8 Special Diagnostic Procedure Codes 7.9 Discounting Bills 8.0 RECORD KEEPING 8.1 Record Documentatio The Point of Care Testing Procedure Manual contains the approved procedures for safe and effective operation of POCT procedures by MGH POCT providers

information, policies, procedures and documents found herein are effective as of April 1, 2019. Ryan White Overview The Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act is a Federal legislation that addresses the unmet health needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) by funding primary health care and Provider Manuals Bulletins and Manuals Navigation Tool. Navigating Medi-Cal and Specialty Health Programs. General. Part 1 - Medi-Cal Program Eligibility Manual; Allied Health. Acupuncture (ACU) Audiology and Hearing Aids (AUD) Chiropractic (CHR) Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies (DME) Medical Transportation (MTR) Orthotics and. Tips on Preparing a Procedure Manual. A well-prepared procedure manual provides a foundation for the lab's quality assurance program. Its purpose is to ensure consistency while striving for quality SECTION A: NURSING POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL NURSING SERVICE ORGANIZATION CHAPTER 1: HOSPITAL PLAN FOR PROVIDING NURSING CARE I. Purpose The Whiting Forensic Hospital's Plan for Providing Nursing Care is designed to communicate a shared vision for the delivery and provision of quality, compassionate, culturally competent, cos

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the corebenefits, please see the Managed Care Policy and Procedures Guide onthe SCDHHS website . www.scdhhs.gov. MCO Program Identification (ID) Card Managed Care Organizations issue an identification card to ies within beneficiarfourteen (14) calendar days of the selection of a primary care provider, or the date of receipt of the member' The manuals are instructional guides and are not Health First Colorado policy manuals. The rules and regulations governing Health First Colorado policy may be found in Volume VIII, the Medical Assistance Manual of the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (Program Rules and Regulations)

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  1. This Policy and Procedure manual for the State of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Division of HIV and STD programs (DHSP) STD 340B Program is effective as of 05-11-2020. The last revision took place on 05-07-2020. Per MDHHS-DHSP policy, this Policy and Procedure manual has been approved by the followin
  2. This Compliance Manual is intended to apply, where applicable, toall relationships between Sprenger and other health care providers and professionals, vendors, and suppliers. This Compliance Manual also reaffirms Sprenger's commitment to the delivery of quality health care consistent with applicable State and Federal h ealth and safety standards
  3. L .A Care, PPGs, hospitals, ancillary Providers, and/or other participating Providers, respectively . 1.1.3 L.A. Care's Commitment to Prvide Excellent Services L .A . Care's overall goal is to develop policies, procedures, and guidelines for effective implementation of Provider services in its product lines . To accomplish this goal, L .A
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